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Vince McMahon Wants Steve Austin To Wrestle, SummerSlam – Fans

If Steve Austin wants to wrestle, Vince McMahon approves. And, good news about SummerSlam and the possibility of fans being present.

Vince McMahon has pushed the idea of Steve Austin wrestling again, but to no avail. Also, SummerSlam will have fans in attendance.

Vince McMahon Wants Steve Austin To Wrestle

One of the biggest stars ever in pro wrestling is Steve Austin. Unfortunately, a broken neck would shorten his in-ring career. 

Despite being away from active competion since WrestleMania 19, fans have always hoped for one more match. And, Vince McMahon is also in the same boat.

While speaking to Chris Jericho on the Broken Skull Sessions, Austin revealed McMahon had contacted him several times. Each time, he tried unsuccessfully to bring the WWE Hall of Famer out of retirement for one more match.

“Vince McMahon tried talking me to coming back a couple times,” said Austin. “But you know Chris, I love the business so much.” 

“I love it more than anybody else. I can only speak for myself, but I love the damn business and it hurt me so much to leave it.” 

“And to me, going back for one match, man, why? What am I proving? What are they going to remember?” 

“It ain’t about the money. It took me a long time, damn near three years to get over the fact that I left the business.”

Steve Austin On Getting Back In-Shape

Austin continued how making a comeback is a lengthy process. Even if he was cleared to compete by the medical staff, he would need to get back in shape.

He referenced the Undertaker staying in shape all year and how he needed a camp for months to prepare for a match inside the ring.

“Taker, when I talked to him, he trained all year or recovered from having surgery, and then write trained for a three or four month camp to get ready for one match. I would really have to undergo a three or four month camp.” 

“I’m one of those guys where I don’t have an addictive personality, but I’m addicted to the wrestling business. All of a sudden, I’m putting in all the hard work and get back to being around the ring, being around the business, that is my number one passions in my life.”

Nowadays, Austin and McMahon still talk but not as much. Austin noted how McMahon takes a few days to respond to his text, instead of answering the phone immediately.

It seems highly unlikely Austin will wrestle again. He has been retired for about 18 years, which is something few are capable of doing.

Even if Austin could wrestle again, he would not be able to put on a stellar performance. That point in his life ended a long time ago.

SummerSlam – Fans

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After 13 months, WWE was finally able to bring fans back. It was in a limited capacity and happened over two days at WrestleMania 37.

Now, WWE is back to using the ThunderDome and virtual fans. According to Sports Illustrated, WWE will have live fans in attendance for SummerSlam.

Currently, SummerSlam and next year’s WrestleMana are the only known events to feature fans. Of course, WWE would like to start brining them back for RAW, SmackDown and NXT.

Plus, there is talk of WWE hopefully brining back live events before the end of 2021. Just remember, even with vaccines, there is no telling what the world will look like in a few months from now and plans are tentative. 

SummerSlam is in August and unlike previous years, there is no venue or date at this time.

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