WWE Live Event Return
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The WWE Universe and superstars miss touring. However, sounds like there is light at the end of the tunnel with major news of a WWE live event return.

Huge WWE Live Event Return Update

It was great seeing WrestleMania 37 with fans in attendance. But for some out in the WWE Universe, it was a glaring reminder of how much house shows are missed.

Pandemic fatigue is real and setting in for many wrestling fans. After all, it’s been well over a year since WWE has been on tour with live events.

With that said, there seems to be good news on the horizon. Could the WWE be going on tour again, soon?

WWE President Nick Khan was recently interviewed by Variety. He was asked about future plans for the company.

Khan confirmed there are plans in the works, but they can’t be shared right now. He also noted to “stay tuned”.

On The Road Again …

One major thing to note is that Khan relayed that once the WWE is back on the road, they’ll be back full-time. Khan stated that there won’t be “one-offs” in terms of live events (i.e. WrestleMania 37).

Khan also noted that the WWE felt WM needed to be for the fans. He also stated that more news will be coming.

Both WWE superstars and fans could be experiencing live events again in the distant future. Meanwhile, over at AEW, there seems to be a talent that’s become bitter after their release.

Released AEW Wrestler Vents

Ivelisse Vélez jumped on Twitter to let fans know she was released by AEW. In her post, she relayed that “history repeats itself”.

WWE Live Event Return

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She added that she spoke up around being mistreated, and the powers that be let her go. Vélez has been with AEW since the summer of 2020. She had a per-event agreement but did not have a full-time deal.

According to a report, AEW talent knew about Ivelisse’s pending release as early as mid-March. Vélez sent Fightful Select a statement after her tweet, which revealed some interesting information.

Mistreatment and Slander

Ivelisse noted in that Fightful statement that she was mistreated by an AEW coach. She also had things to say about Thunder Rosa.

As per Vélez, she “spoke up” about being mistreated by a coach. She was then suspended, left in limbo, and then ultimately go.

Ivelisse also noted that Thunder Rosa slandered her name around the company. Vélez stated that Rosa had a history of getting involved with officials to get ahead.

According to Ivelisse, Rosa has done the same thing during her time at Lucha Underground. Vélez would relay this information in some tweets, too.

Reports earlier this month revealed that Ivelisse was not being used because she had an issue with a veteran and some AEW coaches. She last wrestling for the company on February 24th in a Dark taping.

While she might be down, Ivelisse is certainly not out. She is currently the SHINE and Ladies Night Out (LNO) Champion.

Ivelisse is obviously has a ton of talent. Here’s hoping she finds success in this next chapter of her wrestling career.

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