D-Von Dudley Return WWE
Source: WWE Universe Twitter, Screenshot

Before retirement, D-Von Dudley pitched an idea to WWE for an in-ring return. Also, it seems like Aleister Black has not been completely forgotten.

D-Von Dudley Denied In-Ring Return For WWE

For Apollo Crews, he is finally getting a decent push on the main roster. All it took was him turning heel and embracing a new gimmick where he honors the Nigerian culture. 

At WrestleMania 37, he won the International Championship from Big E in a Nigerian Drum Fight. Basically, it was a No Disqualification Match.

Before the push, Crews really struggled on the main roster. He had a few brief pushes, but they where mixed with sitting at the bottom.

Apparently, WWE Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley saw potential. Once he realized Bubba Ray Dudley was going a different direction, he posed teaming with Crews. 

While talking to JOFO In The Ring, D-Von spoke about the idea being turned down by WWE many times. 

“I wanted to work with Apollo,” said D-Von. “Bubba went his way and I stayed with WWE.” 

“I wasn’t ready to become a producer. I still wanted to wrestle.” 

“When I was told ‘no’ and they wanted me as a producer, not as talent, I took the job. I was hearing certain rumblings that Apollo needed to step it up and give it his all and give him that little push.”

D-Von’s Tag Team Past

D-Von stressed working with Batista in the early days of his WWE career. Of corse, Batista would become a future main event star with several world title reigns.

“I remember that I volunteered. ‘let me tag with Apollo and help him out.’ I did the same thing with Batista and so many other guys over the years.” 

“I thought it would be a great thing to do. I was told ‘no.’ They put him with Titus O’Neil and Titus Worldwide.” 

“The opportunity was gone and I was like, ‘Damn.’ I think me and Apollo could’ve done great things, but they said ‘no.’”

D-Von is now officially retired from in-ring competition. He does work backstage for WWE and also still has his wrestling school with Bubba Ray.

Sadly, he did suffer a stroke in 2020. Although, he seems to be doing better. 

Aleister Black Update

Source: WrestlePurists Twitter, Screenshot

Speaking of misused talent, Aleister Black has been off TV for a good amount of time. His last match was a loss to Kevin Owens in the fall.

On that same night, he was also drafted from RAW to SmackDown. Although, he is yet appear. 

According to PW Insider, WWE has filmed some new content with Black. The vignettes focus on this childhood and might be an indication of his return.

With WWE focused on building WrestleMania 37 the past few months, some superstars needed to take a backseat. Therefore, after releasing some names, they can refocus on talent not used at the grandest show of the year.

Some thought the former NXT Champion was done in WWE. When his wife, Zelina Vega, was fired, that only increased speculation.

WWE likes to add surprises for the RAW and SmackDown after WrestleMania, so something could happen tonight. For now, it seems like WWE has not completely given up on Black.