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Corey Graves Teaming Carmella
February 24, 2023
Corey Graves is open to a return inside the ring, especially if he is teaming with Carmella. And, WWE still has concerns over Sami Zayn.
Carmella Miscarriage Support
December 2, 2022
Carmella is reaching out about the support from fans during her miscarriage. And, a former WWE titleholder has undergone neck fusion surgery.
Carmella Suffers Tragic Miscarriage, Kevin Owens Plans On Hold
November 1, 2022
In sad news from outside the ring, Carmella suffers a tragic miscarriage. Plus, while he seemed poised, Kevin Owens’ plans are on hold.
more accusations against riddle
August 31, 2022
It’s been a rough couple days for him, with more accusations against Riddle coming out. Plus, could a superstar return soon?
Blood Guts Santana
June 30, 2022
Looks like Santana sustained an injury at AEW Blood & Guts. Plus, Bayley snaps back at Carmella on social media.
WrestleMania card
There are 14 matches on the WrestleMania 38 card, and they ain’t all going to be classics. Let’s look at the undercard
Carmella Live Sex Celebration
March 1, 2022
During an interview, Carmella states she wants to recreate the Lita-Edge “live sex celebration”. Plus, Johnny Gargano is taking bookings.
Carmella Has Working Injured
January 6, 2022
Even though she was in a match this past Monday Night RAW, turns out that Carmella has been working injured. Plus, more WWE releases.
WWE AJ Styles Omos
October 12, 2021
More reports on the WWE Draft, as one highlights that AJ Styles and Omos were suppose to split. Plus, Carmella talks about social media hate.
Becky Lynch Update Return
July 15, 2021
Sounds like a Becky Lynch return could happen sooner, rather than later! WNZ has an update. Plus, the WWE is high on Carmella.
Famous WWE superstars Daughters
There are many daughters of famous pro wrestling superstars who are currently building their career in the WWE. But who are they?
bayley on the shelf
July 10, 2021
Yes, the news is true-Bayley is on the shelf for an extended period due to a knee injury. So, how will WWE replace her in the title match?
Carmella upset with opportunities
April 28, 2021
Carmella is upset with the lack of opportunities being presented to the female superstars. And, a WWE referee was quietly suspended.
Murphy Angers WWE Carmella
March 30, 2021
After recent comments on social media, Murphy has angered some at WWE. Plus, Carmella was not happy with a segment on RAW last night.
Carmella Banged Up
February 7, 2021
Carmella is banged up after a scary spot at the Rumble. And, don’t be surprised if Roman Reigns & Brock Lesnar meet again at WrestleMania.
Head Of The Table
December 12, 2020
This week wraps with another SmackDown In A Nutshell, and we are coming in wondering what might happen when the head of the table snaps back!
setting up survivor series
November 7, 2020
It’s time for another SmackDown In A Nutshell, with this weeks’ focus being on the blue brand still setting up Survivor Series.
Next Stop Super ShowDown
February 22, 2020
It’s time for SmackDown In A Nutshell, with this one all about Next Stop, Super ShowDown. It’s the go home show, after all!