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Big Changes To Hall Of Fame Format, Charly Caruso’s Life After WWE

Sounds like some big changes to the WWE Hall of Fame format for this year's event. Plus, what will Charly Caruso's future look like?

This year’s WWE Hall of Fame ceremony will be a bit different from years’ past. After all, two sets of classes will be inducted. The Bella Twins recently revealed some major changes to the event’s format.

Big Changes To Hall of Fame Format

The 2021 WWE Hall of Fame airs on Peacock this coming Tuesday, April 6th. As the 2020 ceremony didn’t happen due to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, this year and last year’s classes will be inducted in one event.

Sounds like a lot of legends in the mix, which has many wondering how they will “pull it off”.

Speeches have always been a sensitive issue for the WWE HOF. While fans and colleagues love to hear them, they can go on and on. Especially depending on the inductee.

Brie Bella chimed in on this year’s celebration during a recent Bellas Podcast.

Speeches Will Be 50% Shorter

The Bella Twins are set to be inducted into the 2020 WWE Hall of Fame. According to Brie, the Twins had a speech written. However, they realized it was too long. They were told to keep speeches down to three to five minutes.

Bella went on to say that speeches are generally given about 10 to 15 minutes during the HOF ceremony. Sounds like it took the Twins some time to edit 15 minutes down to five. There are two of them, too!

Brie noted that they weren’t sure what to include and what to cut. There were so many people they wanted to thank, and some stories to tell.

The Bella Twins had quite the WWE career, which spanned about 11 years. In that time, they held the Divas Championship a total of three times.

Nikki’s final title run would see her become the longest-reigning Divas Champion in the company’s history.

While they are both new moms, there has also been word that The Bellas are set to return to in-ring action, later this year.

Some WWE Hall of Fame speeches are better than others. With that said, the ones that drag do tend to be annoying. It’ll be interesting to see this year’s new format and how it will play out.

Will Charly Caruso ever make it into the WWE HOF? Hard to say, but she did provide an update on her post-WWE career.

Charly Caruso’s Life After WWE

Charly Caruso enjoyed five nice years with the WWE. As a backstage interviewer and host, she always maintained professionalism and insight.

WWE Hall Fame Format
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While some fans might be sad that they won’t be seeing Charly Caruso on WWE TV anymore, there is a silver lining. The announcer recently let social media know that she’ll be seen more on ESPN.

Caruso hopped onto her Instagram after ESPN made the announcement official. You can see the post below.

Big Days Ahead!

Caruso is now a full-time employee of ESPN! As you can see, she thanked many within the WWE in her IG post and hopes to stay in touch. Sounds like her experience with the company earned her some lifelong friends.

Charly has a unique on-air presence and is sure to experience tremendous success at ESPN, or in any other future endeavor she takes on.

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