Asuka Lana Tag Title

WWE’s current tag title plans could see Asuka and Lana capture the gold. In other news, the Bella Twins WWE return rumors were recently clarified. 

Could Lana And Asuka Become Tag Team Champions

Lana and Asuka

WWE is not shy about creating tag teams out of absolutely nowhere. Now, it seems they are considering two unusual tag team champions in the form of Lana and Asuka. 

 Since Kari Sane left WWE, Asuka conquered the singles division. However, it now seems the WWE is thinking of changing thing up.

There are rumors that Lana and Asuka could become a tag team in the near future. Even more so, it is possible they would get the tag team titles soon too.

Recently, Asuka teamed up with the Ravishing Russian to take on Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. Therefore, these rumors are not completely out there. 

But could a tag team with these two hit it off in the WWE Universe?

Could Asuka Overshadow Lana As They Pursue Tag Titles?


One of the potential issues is that Asuka could easily overshadow Lana. The same happened with Kari Sane from NXT.

Of course, the overshadowing part was more down to WWE than Asuka herself. And while Lana is an interesting character, she does not have Asuka’s wrestling experience. 

Lana could be potentially great though. So, maybe putting her in a tag team with a more experienced wrestler is not such a bad idea?

The Ravishing Russian has been jobbing for a lot of other stars these past couple of years. Maybe the tag team division is the way to make her a serious competitor?

Bella Twins Clarify Return

The Bella Twins return clarified

Rumors about the Bella Twins return to pro wrestling have been rampant lately. And it seems that those rumors may not be unfounded.

In a recent interview with US MagazineNikki’s fiancĂ© Artem discussed those rumors in a bit more detail. In fact, he claimed the Bella Twins are considering a return.

“She’s been having talks about coming back and doing something together with Brie. They both have kids, and I feel like they still have this ‘unclosed’ chapter with wrestling. I would not be surprised.”

Of course, Artem’s statement still leaves much open for speculation. Nevertheless, it seems like the twins are not done with wrestling completely.

Hope For The Bella Army

Bella Twins

The Bella Twins have always been proud of their legion of fans, which they proudly call the Bella Army. However, not all these fans came from the wrestling universe.

Nikki and Brie Bella started to get mainstream fame with the reality TV show Total Divas. Later, they also got their own spin off Total Bellas. 

Since then Nikki appeared on DWTS, where she met her fiancĂ© Artem. Needless to say, the Bella Twins have gone mainstream.

But what does this mean for a wrestling return? Are the sisters considering a return to pro wrestling, or are they having another project in mind?

Still, no matter what the twins choose, the Bella Army is likely to follow. So far, the twins have a successful wine brand as well as clothing line. 

We are curious to see which other projects could be added to that in the future.