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If you’ve been paying attention lately, then it shouldn’t be shocking to learn that WWE has big plans for Damian Priest. And, another NXT Superstar is poised to go up to the main roster again.

Reason For Damian Priest Push

We have been hearing for a while now that WWE has big plans for Damian Priest. Now, we may finally be seeing the start of them.

big plans damian priest

Priest was rumored to be called up last month and headed for SmackDown. With that move, he was expected to be involved with Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns.

As luck would have it, the veteran Superstars nixed the plans, only because no one felt Priest would fit in with the dynamic (probably a smart call).

Damian Priest had a nice showing at the 2021 Royal Rumble. He earned praise, with Edge making a nice public display of it.

Others, like Kane, even said to expect big things from the new main roster addition.

So, what kind of big plans for Damian Priest?

Well, consider that in his first Royal Rumble-and subsequent RAW-he was trusted to work with VIP guest Bad Bunny, in an angle with Miz and Morrison.

Per the Wrestling Observer, it appears that this action will lead to a star studded WrestleMania tag team match between the 3 Superstars and Bad Bunny.

WWE hopes that this will help get Damian Priest over in a major way, especially within the Latino community.

Considering that Priest already has the size, the look and the charisma, teaming up with Bad Bunny shouldn’t hurt him.

NXT Superstar – Main Roster Return

Damian Priest won’t be the last NXT Superstar to go up. WWE actually appears to be grooming another NXT Superstar is poised to go up yet again.

That notion should be a hint as to who it could be, because there are only a handful of Superstars in NXT who spent time on the main roster. But it’s probably not the most obvious one.

nxt superstar austin theory

According to the Observer, Austin Theory is being prepped for another main roster run. There is not yet a time frame for that to happen, of course.

Theory had a brief, but notable, stint on the main roster last year. He was aligned with both Zelina Vega and then Seth Rollins.

Unfortunately for the NXT Superstar, he had some negative publicity and he disappeared from WWE programming for a stretch.

He re-surfaced late in 2020, now in NXT again and partnered with Johnny Gargano. Considering that some other Superstars caught up in that movement are now not in WWE, it was perhaps the best scenario.

Well, now the NXT Superstar is poised to go up again.

With Seth Rollins newly returned and still using the messiah gimmick, it’s possible that Austin Theory reprises that role.

It’s also not out of the question for Austin Theory to make a stand-alone debut at this point.

Could we see Austin Theory show up as part of a post-WrestleMania surge of call-ups? That remains to be see, and those call ups have been minimal the past couple years.

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