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Meghan Markle celebrated Black History Month this past Saturday by making her first public appearance in two months. She surprised students by appearing in a virtual poetry class alongside her husband, Prince Harry. 

The organization honored the couple in a post on Instagram that has since deleted #BlackLivesMatter hashtags, reminding the public once again that Harry and Meghan support the movement. 

Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Surprise Get Lit For Black History Month

The royals made an appearance in a virtual poetry class being conducted by the organization Get Lit. The organization promotes literacy and empowers young people through poetry.

“Guess who surprised our poetry class this weekend?! It was the best weekend EVER!” the organization wrote on Instagram. “Prince Harry and Meghan, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, were magic and kind and interested in poetry!”

Choosing Get Lit as their first public appearance in 2021 speaks volumes.

As demonstrated by their Hollywood move and “woke” podcast plans, it’s increasingly clear that “woke” liberal social justice causes will be a focus for the couple going forward. 

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Get Lit Launches Black Lives Matter Anthology For Black History Month

They say timing is everything.

Well, this month, Get Lit is hosting its first ever Virtual Anthology in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Anthology honors Black History Month and features black authors and poets. Its goal is “to inspire new perspectives, spread understanding, celebrate great art, and highlight the multitudes of injustice.” reported that Get Lit’s Instagram posts originally included the hashtags #BlackLivesMatter, #BLM and #BlackHistoryMonth. However, those hashtags seem to have been removed from the posts.

The popular magazine also hearkens Markle’s appearance here to her emotional surprise graduation address in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

Both Harry and Meghan are known to be supporters of Black Lives Matter, an organization that claims to champion racial justice but has come under fire for supporting radically leftwing and even Marxist political agendas.

Democrats embrace and support Black Lives Matter and Meghan and Harry have made it very clear what they support.

In fact, the couple has reportedly spent the past few months talking to black leaders about how best they can support the radically liberal political movement, according to People Magazine


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The appearance lasted 45 minutes. The couple interacted with the students and impressed the the teacher.

Get Lit Teacher Speaks Out

Mason Granger, a teacher with Get Lit, described what it was like to meet Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on his own Instagram page.

“The root of them deciding to come is because at some point in their lives, they were moved by a poem,” he said. “And whoever wrote that poem at some point thought to themselves, ‘Does this even matter? Is anyone even listening?’ And they shared it anyway. Fast forward ripple ripple ripple and these kids get a surprise 45 minute chat with the Prince Harry and Meghan. It was pretty surreal.”

“My kids shared poems, they asked questions, the kids answered and asked questions back, they responded authentically (they actually read and learned the kids bios I’d sent earlier),” he continued.

“The org and all the kids are posting today with more details about the visit— I just want to say that the Get Lit Players are brilliant and 10/10 would recommend The Duke and Duchess of Sussex for your next Zoom poetry practice.”


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Harry And Meghan Meet With Gavin Newsom

It was recently reported by Vanity Fair that Harry and Meghan had a private “introductory meeting” with California’s Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom in October.

However, the meeting was reportedly political in nature showing once again that Harry and Meghan have no intention of following the Queen’s longstanding rule that members of the royal family refrain from getting involved in politics.

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Meghan Markle has officially taken Prince Harry from being politically neutral to being a Black Lives Matter supporting progressive liberal.

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