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Prince Harry wants his honorary military titles back but Piers Morgan says no and put the ginger prince on blast. The “Good Morning Britain” host wrote in a blistering Op-Ed that the Queen should not cave to Harry’s demands.

Harry and Meghan announced on social media last January they were abandoning the responsibilities of senior royal duties and fleeing the continent.

They made this shocking announcement to the world behind Buckingham Palace’s back.

It was quite a slap in the face to the Monarchy. 

Harry Wants To Regain His Military Titles

The Queen held back three honorary military titles for a 12 month review after Harry left royal life.

Now, Harry wants to regain his positions as Captain General of the Royal Marines, Honorary Air Commandant of RAF Honington in Bury St Edmunds, and Commodore-in-Chief, Small Ships and Diving, Royal Naval Command as he continues playing Hollywood with his actress wife Meghan Markle. 

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Piers reports that the Queen allegedly is siding with not rewarding Harry. She doesn’t want a “half-in, half-out” royal.

Harry wants the fanfare without the responsibility.

He wants the platform of being a royal for his liberal social justice work but he doesn’t want to follow royal rules and protocols.

Having It Both Ways

Prince Harry shouldn’t be permitted to have it both ways. 

Piers writes that Harry and Meghan have “been allowed to ruthlessly and greedily exploit their titled regal status for huge financial gain and haven’t had to perform any of the humdrum royal duties that justify it.”

The “Good Morning Britain” host doesn’t believe Harry can perform these honorary duties when he lives on another continent. 

Piers Morgan Doesn’t Hold Back

From Piers Morgan’s Op-Ed in The Daily Mail

And even if Harry did promise to fly endlessly back and forth across the Atlantic to fulfil all his military duties, vastly ramping up the size of his carbon footprint in the process, why should the Queen allow it?

The bottom line is that once again, Harry wants to have to his royal cake and eat it.

He knows that his earning power in America is built almost exclusively off the back of him being a Prince and he and Meghan being the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

He also knows that being able to add the words ‘Captain-General’, ‘Air-Commandant’ and ‘Commodore-in-Chief’ to his business card will make him even more commercially appealing in a country that worships the military.

But I don’t think he should be able to use ANY of these titles now he’s renounced royal duty.

The moment he and his wife quit Britain for a new celebrity life in America, they gave up their right to trade off their royal association.

These honorary military titles elevate Harry’s platform at a time he is making a fortune from Netflix, which has a derogatory series about Harry’s own family. 


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“You can’t have the Captain-General of the Royal Marines gobbing off about politics or making gazillions from a streaming company that’s been trashing the royals with The Crown,” Morgan rightly says. 

Prince Harry even sold his prized rifles to appease his wife. How is such a newly held pacifist position supportive of the military?

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Should The Queen Strip Their Titles?

Piers Morgan that not only should the Queen not return the titles to Prince Harry, but she should also strip the couple of their titles as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. 

While she might not go that far, she certainly should not return Harry’s honorary military titles.

He will still retain any titles he rightly earned during his service in the military. 

“He can’t be an absentee armchair general from 5000 miles away in Santa Barbara – just as he couldn’t have fought the Afghanistan war from his palace quarters in Kensington,” Morgan thoughtfully wrote. 

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