Madonna has a reported fortune of $850 million but she still feels that she is a victim. In a recent Instagram post, she took aim at the patriarchy that she claims is suppressing her.

She is no stranger to controversy. Madonna has a history of doing and saying anything for publicity, but this recent comment stands out as hypocritical for someone with her experience and history. 

Hypocritical Madonna

The “Material Girl” burst onto the music scene in the early 1980s. In aggressive fashion, she burst into music mogul Seymour Stein’s hotel room in 1982 to make her case for a record deal.

Decades later, she continues making music and building her empire yet she claims the patriarchy is out to get her. 

The hypocritical singer who claims to be a powerful woman believes men are attempting to take away her voice and end her forever. 

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“The Patriarchy continues to try to crush my neck with their heavy boots, cut off my life force and take away my voice—Even those who call themselves artists…………..You know who you are!!! DEATH TO THE PATRIARCHY! Now and Forever. #riskwhatyouvalue #valuewhatyourisk,” Madonna wrote on Instagram. 


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Madonna’s Victim Card

Playing the victim card from behind a gated community doesn’t fit the brand of Madonna from decade’s past.

She has always been a chameleon that has morphed into whatever will make her relevant.

The 62-year-old almost billionaire wants us to believe the man is keeping her down and suppressing her artistic voice.

Unless that man is Father Time, this is hard to imagine. 

She’s being called out on social media for her hypocrisy:


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Madonna also has been advocating for the abolition of guns. She doesn’t believe anyone should own a gun, including police officers. 

“Until we can over come (sic) Racism in America — no one should be allowed to carry a gun. Most of all cops — F**k The Police! Yea I said it,” the “Like A Virgin” singer previously said.

An ironic comment given that Madonna, like other celebrities, very likely has armed security for protection. She just doesn’t believe the rest of us should.

The singer is no stranger to controversial statements and is rarely held accountable for them. At this point, we expect it. 

Days after Donald Trump was inaugurated in January 2017, Madonna told a huge crowd at a Washington DC rally that she “had thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.” She was just “expressing herself.”

She said she was speaking metaphorically. 

Now, Madonna’s pretending to be a victim. 

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