Madonna Claims There’s Something ‘Sexual’ About Jesus Hanging on the Cross

Is Madonna trying to shock people, or is this what she truly believes when she says there's something sexual about Jesus on the cross?

Mega pop star Madonna has found herself in some serious trouble this week after she said that there was something “sexual” about Jesus hanging on the cross. She went on to say that Jesus would agree with women having abortions, much to the dismay of Christians everywhere.

Madonna’s Extreme Beliefs

“There’s something really extreme and dramatic about the idea that you know, in any church you go and you see a man on a cross, practically naked, bleeding from his wounds, and everyone genuflects and prays to him,” Madonna said of Jesus, according to Newsbusters.

“I find that so intriguing, poetic and sometimes sexual, sensual. And the idea that people are – in a way, it’s pagan because people are worshipping a thing.”

Later on in the interview, Madonna was asked what she would say to the pope if she were to meet him.

“Let’s talk about Jesus’ point of view about women,” Madonna said.

“Let’s talk about it. What do you really think he thought of women? And don’t you think Jesus would agree that a woman has the right to choose what to do with her body?’ I think he would be open to having that conversation with me.”


Madonna Admits She’s Been Excommunicated

It’s ironic that Madonna would even think meeting the pope was a possibility for her, given the fact that she has admitted to being “excommunicated” numerous times.

“I’ve been ex-communicated by the Catholic Church a few times,” she said back in 2015. “But I also feel like this new pope is kind of groovy, and I think we might be able to get together and have a chat about sex.”

It’s extremely offensive that Madonna would dare to sexualize Jesus dying for the sins of humanity.

The image of Jesus hanging on the cross is meant to serve as a reminder about the sacrifice he made for us all, not to be some perverted fantasy for a spoiled pop star like Madonna.

She needs to apologize for what she said immediately and be more sensitive to the beliefs of Christians going forward.

Shame on you, Madonna!

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