The 8 Best Underdog Wrestlers In WWE Wrestling History

Ringside Intel went on a crusade to find the best underdog wrestlers in WWE history. Today, we bring to you the underdog overview!

Finding the best underdog wrestlers in WWE history was not an easy feat. After all, this is a particular storyline the WWE has run with more than once in the past. 

Daniel Bryan

The best underdog wrestlers in WWE history

When you discuss the best underdog wrestlers in WWE history, you cannot ignore the biggest underdog of them all, Daniel Bryan. Of course, it is also the underdog persona that made Daniel Bryan’s career. 

Daniel Bryan was never meant to be more than a mid-card guy. However, this all changed when he enjoyed immense support from the WWE universe. 

The WWE eventually turned it into a storyline, where Daniel Bryan would go against The Authority. And despite the best efforts of The Authority, the wrestler came out victorious.

Daniel Bryan would become even more of a hero when he came back out of retirement. After all, the wrestler was believed never to wrestle again due to extensive neck injuries.

Fans lived the experience with Daniel Bryan, as Total Divas and Total Bellas caught some of Bryan’s struggles on camera. But while doctors did not give the wrestler any chance of returning, the wrestler eventually proved them wrong in a major way.

Nevertheless, Bryan’s passion for wrestling won in the end and the wrestler returned to the circuit years later. To this day, he is one of the biggest success stories the wrestling world has ever seen. 

Daniel Bryan’s story is also one of hope. He proved to the world that no matter what someone tells you, you can make your dreams a reality.

Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston always fell short of the title, despite his popularity with the WWE Universe. However, things changed for him when he became a member of the New Day.

Alongside his brothers in the New Day, Kingston enjoyed countless tag team successes. Of course, he still needed that singles title run to his name.

Things would turn for the better at Elimination Chamber 2019. After Mustafa Ali was out of the match due to injury, Kofi Kingston took his place.

Kofi impressed everyone during Elimination Chamber, with most fans hoping for the wrestler to take the win. Unfortunately, Kofi fell short of a win, but this would be a turning point for the wrestler.

Kingston enjoyed incredible support from the WWE Universe after his Elimination Chamber run. Of course, it would be some time still until he finally captured that championship.

Kofi Kingston’s career is quite similar to that of Daniel Bryan. Needless to say, his story is also a beautiful one in the grand scheme of wrestling.

Rey Mysterio

WWE best underdog wrestlers

Rey Mysterio is the man who got me into professional wrestling. So, that means he definitely got a spot in our overview of the best underdog wrestlers in WWE history.

When you look at Rey’s track record, it is easy to see that he is what we call the ultimate underdog. After all, the luchador was a short wrestler in a world of giants.

Rey’s short stature did not stop him from becoming one of the all-time greats. In fact, you could claim he tops of our list of the best underdog wrestlers in WWE history.

While Rey Mysterio was always a fan favorite, his true victory did not come until that memorable Royal Rumble win. Eventually, he became a world champion, despite being one of the shortest wrestlers in history.

Rey Mysterio did much more than being one of the best underdog wrestlers in the WWE though. He actually paved the way for other short wrestlers as well as luchadors.

Now, luchadors are a normal occurrence in the WWE. Before Rey Mysterio, these luchadors were very few and far in between.

Mick Foley

WWE best underdog wrestlers in history

It is difficult to imagine that a guy like Mick Foley was an underdog at one point in his career. But for the longest time, Vince McMahon did not see much value in the hardcore wrestler.

Despite a lack of interest by Vince McMahon, Mick Foley turned out to be one of the biggest legends the company ever saw. After all, only this man could portray three different characters at the same time.

Foley’s true claim to fame arrived during a cell match between himself and The Undertaker. During the match, Foley got seriously injured due to falling off and through the cell.

Since that moment, Foley became a mega star. It also showed you do not need to meet the standard picture of a professional wrestler to make it big.

Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels is far from an underdog when you look at his overall career. However, when Shawn Michaels portrayed a face, he was one of the best underdog wrestlers in WWE wrestling.

Contrary to some of the other wrestlers in this list, Shawn Michaels was not a continuous underdog. And, that makes him quite different from the likes of Kofi Kingston and Rey Mysterio.

Opposed to some other wrestlers, Shawn Michaels only showed underdog characteristics when he was a face. Naturally, this became quite a standard for wrestlers coming after him.

Of course, despite being a babyface at one point, Michaels enjoyed his bigger successes as a heel. And somehow, that persona actually resonated more with the crowd than his babyface moments. 

Eddie Guerrero

Jim Ross Eddie Guerrero
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Much like Shawn Michaels, Eddie Guerrero was not always an underdog. However, he most certainly became one when he faced The Beast Incarnate for the WWE title.

Fortunately, Eddie enjoyed great fan support at that point. Eddie always had a rogue charm, even when he turned out to be a heel.

Fans stood squarely behind Eddie Guerrero when he had to face Brock Lesnar. In the end, he overcame all obstacles before him and became the champion.

Of course, Eddie Guerrero’s career was quite interesting in terms of character changes. But despite the company’s efforts of keeping him a heel, he was just too loveable to resist. 

Unfortunately, Eddie Guerrero died of heart failure in 2005. Despite his premature death, Eddie is still remembered as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

Who would you add to this list of best underdogs in the WWE?

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