Mr. Royal Rumble Vote

WWE will be holding a Mr. Royal Rumble vote, which will declare the best Royal Rumble competitor of all time. With it, the company is seemingly trying to lure back the fans it lost last year.

Mr. Royal Rumble Vote On Social Media

Mr. Royal Rumble Vote

For the next couple of weeks, WWE will hold the Mr. Royal Rumble vote on social media. This means that fans can vote on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The tournament is divided in two categories. One category contains the greatest winners of the Royal Rumble, while the other contains the master eliminators.

All-in-all, 16 names have been revealed for the tournament. Big names in the vote include Stone Cold, Hulk Hogan, Triple H and many others.

Of course, there is also room for superstars of today. Drew McIntyre, last year’s winner, is also featured on the ballot. There is also Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns, and Randy Orton.

Since the WWE has already selected 16 candidates, you can’t add in a name. Nevertheless, the selection of wrestlers is interesting. 

Royal Rumble Greatness Or Popularity?

Steve Austin

While it is the WWE’s intention to pick the Greatest Royal Rumble Competitor, I fear this will not be the outcome. The vote is nothing more than a popularity contest.

If you look at Royal Rumble achievements, then Kane should be pretty high on the list. After all, he holds the record for most eliminations at 43. 

However, I do not think Kane will make it very far in the vote. It is more likely that fan favorite Stone Cold Steve Austin will take the win in this competition.

Kane is facing another fan favorite in the first round, Rey Mysterio. While Rey did not have that kind of elimination, he is arguably more popular among the current fanbase. 

Despite this, Stone Cold is still one of the all time greats and has done brilliantly in the Royal Rumble. Don’t forget, he is the only man who won the Rumble three times.

Strategy To Regain Fans?

2021 Royal Rumble Location

So, is this vote a genuine interest by the WWE by which they can measure their future Royal Rumbles. Well, clearly not, but it is a way to keep fans interested in the Royal Rumble to come.

The pandemic has been devastating for the WWE. Not only did they sack a large number of wrestlers, they also lost a huge amount of fans in the process.

With the Mr. Royal Rumble vote, I have no doubt they are trying to regain some fans and some interest for the upcoming Royal Rumble. And even for a lifelong wrestling fan like me, this year’s Royal Rumble does not seem to catch my interest this time around.

With so many wrestlers released and a serious lack of fun throughout the brand, this year’s Royal Rumble appears to be a dud in my book. Still, you never know, I might be pleasantly surprised…

One thing I do know for sure, with the amount of releases last year, there are some fan favorites we definitely won’t be seeing.