Watch These Police And Fire Vehicles Create Spectacular Christmas Light Shows

Police and Fire Departments around the country show off their holiday spirit by creating viral Christmas light shows using their vehicles.

Our police and firefighters are heroes in our community. But, it’s not all business for these first responders. They know how to celebrate too! Each year, a number of police and fire departments create Christmas light shows using their vehicles that rival the best light displays out there!

Coordinating vehicle lights with music takes an extraordinary amount of time and effort. It also requires a lot of Christmas cheer, but these heroes were up for the challenge. After all, many people in their cities look to them to lead the way.

Trans Siberian Orchestra

Trans Siberian Orchestra appears to be a favorite for these departmental light performances. That’s a very appropriate choice given that TSO is known for its concerts with colorful light shows and the emergency lights look like lasers. 

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The Marion County Sheriff’s Department in Florida chose “Carol of the Bells” to bring a festive video to their community. People very much appreciated their performance. In fact, they enjoyed it so much the video went viral! 

Cayden Force commented on the YouTube video below, “I live in Marion County FL… my god I love my deputy‚Äôs but I NEVER thought they were this cool! Congrats and thanks!”

The Marion Sheriff’s viral “Carol of the Bells” performance video is below.

202o has been a challenging year. So, the Sarasota Police Department stepped up to the plate to give residents a fun way to celebrate.

Their light performance was set to “Mad Russian’s Christmas” by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

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“Happy Holidays!,” the YouTube post states. “Chief Bernadette DiPino and the men and women of the Sarasota Police Department wish you a safe and peaceful holiday season.”

This is a new video and is very worthy of going viral. Enjoy watching the Sarasota Police light it up to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra below. 

Colorado Fire Department Puts On Christmas Lights Show

The Sterling, Colorado Fire Department switched it up a bit by choosing Carol of the Bells by Capital Kings.  

Their fire trucks and ambulances were parked in the bays for added effect. The lights from the five vehicles perfectly synced to the Christmas music. 

This clearly took many hours to plan and rehearse this. Anyone driving past must have been wondering why all the lights were going off in this choreographed fashion.

You can watch the video of this fun and festive Christmas lights display below.

Make sure you wish your local police and fire departments a Merry Christmas.

They serve our communities all year long and the can’t even take a break for the holidays. 

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