Christmas lights compete neighborhood Clark Griswold

Nothing seems to get us in the mood for holiday quite like Christmas lights. Thankfully, there are plenty of Clark Griswolds around America ready to best their neighbors in competition and dazzle us with their Christmas lights spectacle. 

December is a month most of us look forward to each year. Kids make their lists for Santa while adults prepare for the festivities.

It’s amazing to see so many American homeowners step up to the plate to provide amazing displays. Neighborhoods across the country spread Christmas cheer by putting up lights and in many areas it becomes a competition.

While the homeowners do the hard work, the rest of us get to enjoy the enormous displays that sometimes rival or exceed those seen in shopping centers.

Clark Griswolds Across America Compete For Best Christmas Lights

We all have these neighborhoods and houses in our cities. Everyone knows a Clark Griswold who goes above and beyond with decorating. In some areas, entire developments get into the action.

The electrical bills and the traffic might be of concern to some, but it is worth it to those who see this as a worthy investment in spreading the Christmas spirit. 

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While some groups in society are waging a War on Christmas, they are failing. Americans spend over $7 billion annually in Christmas decorations, including the lights that adorn many of our homes.

These festive Americans are spending their own money to make other people happy. 

Family Christmas Activity

There are so many holiday customs that we treasure as Americans. Grand neighborhood Christmas displays have become a bit of a tradition in some areas.

If you live in one of these festive neighborhoods, it is expected that everyone participate!

A man’s home is his castle and many want to light those castles up with festive, twinkling lights each December. 

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Driving around looking at Christmas lights is a fun family activity and it’s safe even during a pandemic when other holiday events are canceled.

These Clark Griswolds all over America are really filling the gap this year since most traditional community Christmas activities are on hold.

We still have Christmas lights to enjoy!

A story about Christmas light displays and neighborhoods that have AMAZING annual competitions can be seen in the video below. 

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