Tony Khan A GENIUS

Depending on how you look at things, you could call Tony Khan a genius for what he’s done to get AEW up and running-and some would. Also, could AEW break up a tag team?

Tony Khan A Genius

Perhaps the term “genius” gets thrown around a bit too often, but some AEW talent is calling Tony Khan a genius.

Specifically, the Young Bucks referred to Khan as a genius, relative to what he’s done starting and running AEW.

Nick and Matt Jackson aren’t just a tag team. They are also influential executives within AEW.

Tony Khan A GENIUS

Becoming VPs, as well as wrestling for AEW, was something that was important to the brothers. It’s likely a huge reason why the two never considered signing with WWE a couple years ago.

So, the pair recently sat down to talk to Fightful, and they took the time to discuss the first couple years of AEW.

The brothers couldn’t imagine where they’d be if it wasn’t for Tony Khan and AEW.

More to the point, Nick Jackson said that Tony Khan is a genius.

AEW exists for a number of reasons, but at it’s core, it’s Tony Khan living out his childhood dream.

He is fortunate enough to have strong financial backing from his family, but it enabled him to chase his dreams. Now Khan is a major force behind AEW, and he gets to book matches for real.

The pair were thrilled things have worked out as they have, and they are looking forward to what they feel will be a huge 2021.

Could AEW Break Up Tag Team

In wrestling, one thing is very certain-tag teams break up. So, could AEW break up one of their tag teams, and soon?

If you caught the most recent AEW Dark, it would appear that the company is laying the ground work for a big team to split up.

Now, let’s be clear…the rite of a tag team splitting up is a constant in professional wrestling. It’s an easy program to run for a few months, if nothing else.


Plus, let’s be frank…sometimes one half of the tag team is clearly much better than the other. In those cases, the break up is geared toward establishing someone as a singles star.

So which tag team?

In AEW’s case, they are teasing they could break up the tag team known to us as SCU.

It’s not an unusual angle. On Dark, Frankie Kazarian vented to Christopher Daniels that if the team loses again, they won’t be a team anymore.

Now, each component of the team has had success as a singles star. They’ve enjoyed success as a team as well.

However, breaking up an established team can be a ready-made mid-card feud, if nothing else.

It’s entirely possible that some in AEW have bigger or different plans for one or both of Kazarian and Daniels.