The Best Male WWE Wrestler Of 2020, Ranked By WrestleNewz!

Since it is almost the end of 2020, it is time to reveal the best male WWE wrestler of the year. Who made it on top of the list?

Since the end of the year is drawing near, WrestleNewz needs to pick the best male WWE wrestler of 2020. So, who made the cut and who is a runner-up?

Best Male WWE Wrestler Of 2020: The Fiend

Best Male Wrestler of 2020 : The Fiend

The decision this year as far from easy. After all, 2020 was ruled by a pandemic and audiences could no longer attend wrestling matches.

Of course, this made it much harder for male wrestlers to captivate their audience. So, opposed to titles reigns, we looked at the full picture.

Which wrestler was talked about most? And which captivated an audience despite the pandemic going on?

Originally, it was a tie between Drew McIntyre and The Fiend. But in the end, the creativity and uniqueness of The Fiend won!

The interesting thing about Bray Wyatt is that he lives his character. Even during Firefly FunHouse segments, he warns his opponents about this darker character called The Fiend.

So, Bray Wyatt and The Fiend are two separate entities. And it works beautifully!

The Fiend had a strong run throughout the year. However, one thing made The Fiend even better, the addition of Alexa Bliss.

Alexa Bliss and The Fiend are currently captivating the audience and show no signs of stopping. I also have no doubt that they managed to draw a lot of people back to WWE this year.

I cannot wait to see what The Fiend and Bliss will do in 2021. But this year, 2020 belongs to them. 

1st Runner-Up Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre is first runner-up

As I mentioned earlier, it was a close call between Drew McIntyre and The Fiend for first place. So, it is no surprise that Drew McIntyre is our first runner-up.

Drew had an amazing year. In fact, this is the year where he redeemed himself.

A few years ago, Drew McIntyre was Vince McMahon’s chosen one. However, he was young and inexperienced at the time and this eventually led to his release.

It took a couple of years, but Drew eventually made it back to the WWE. After a successful run in NXT, Vince McMahon’s chosen one went to the main roster.

The Scottish Psychopath was on his way to become Vince’s chosen one again. Of course, he became a part of numerous groups first and foremost. 

Slowly but surely, Drew won over the WWE Universe again. All this work eventually paid dividend when he captured the WWE Championship.

Despite the pandemic, Drew had some amazing matches. Even if his bookings were not the strongest, he still delivered some outstanding promos and in-depth matches. 

Drew’s prophecy came true this year, but not without a lot of hard work and dedication. But now, he has shown he is truly one of the greats.

2nd Runner Up Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns had a bit of a character change this year. After all, he went from babyface Big Dog to superheel alongside Paul Heyman

Fans have been calling for Roman Reigns to turn heel for years. And it seems it took a pandemic for that to happen.

Of course, the year did not go flawless for Roman Reigns. In fact, the coronavirus pandemic caused some serious problems for him earlier in the year.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States, Roman Reigns was kept off television for some time. Roman explained that he was prioritizing his family at the time.

Fans must remember that Roman Reigns and his wife only recently had their twins and the coronavirus could have serious repercussions for them. In fact, WWE was not exactly known to stick to coronavirus rules.

So, Roman Reigns ended up missing a large part of wrestling this year. However, he made his triumphant return at Summerslam by attacking both Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman. 

Reigns was eventually placed on SmackDown Live as the proverbial posterboy for the brand. Unfortunately, the brand itself is not doing great.

Roman has one of the more interesting progressions this year. Of course, it has not been without its problems due to an ailing SmackDown brand and the pandemic. 

Reigns is pretty much an established superstar at this point. So, I expect he will make our top three for the best male WWE wrestler not just for 2020, but for a couple of years to come. 

Honorable Mentions

In addition to our runner-up selection for the best male WWE wrestler of 2020, there are also some honorable mentions this year. The future is looking bright for the following superstars.

Dominik Mysterio

Dominik mysterio is a runner-up in our honorable mentions

Dominik Mysterio hit the ground running in the WWE this year. It is clear he inherited his dad’s talent, but also that he is able to carve his own path in the business.

Mysterio had a brilliant feud with Seth Rollins and held his own. While he did have the support of his family, he really stood out for us this year.

Naturally, Dominik has a lot of things to learn about the business. However, he is still young, so having that amount of talent already is very promising.

The son of Rey Mysterio has a bright future in the WWE, so he definitely needs to be in our honorable mentions. 

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins did not have the big year he had last year. But that does not mean he did not have a good 2020 at all.

Not only did he reinvent himself as the Monday Night Messiah, he got engaged to girlfriend Becky Lynch.

And the happy news continued for Rollins, as Becky Lynch revealed she was pregnant. Baby Lynch-Rollins is expected soon. 

So, runner-up Seth had a marvellous year professionally and personally. This is a nice change, especially because of Rollins’ contentious relationship with fans.

The engagement and baby news gave Seth a more human connection with the audience. Unfortunately, he still portrays a heel in the WWE because of the previous problems with fans. 

I think 2020 has been a year for growth for the Monday Night Messiah. And while he will still put his foot in his mouth, he might get to the point where he thinks before speaking.

Either way, we look forward to seeing the first photographs of baby Lynch-Rollins. So far, 2021 should be great for Rollins.

And, be sure to see who won female wrestler of 2020!

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