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Nation Of Domination Update, Tessa Blanchard Held Impact Hostage

There were rumors of the Nation Of Domination returning & here's the latest update. And, Tessa Blanchard held Impact Wrestling's title hostage over money.

Fans who wanted to see the Nation of Domination are in for a tough update. Also, Tessa Blanchard apparently held Impact Wrestling hostage over their World Championship.

Nation Of Domination Update

Earlier in the week, we reported how WWE might be brining back a popular stable. There was speculation that the Nation of Domination were going to be repackaged with new members.

Leading the group would be MVP, who is working on a new long-term deal with WWE. There were some teases on RAW about the stable returning, but WWE instead with a group called The Hurt Business. 

During RAW, there were several segments involving Ron Simmons. It was Simmons who is credited as the leader of the original stable.

There was a plan for Simmons to be more heavily involved on RAW, but that did not happen. Also, Mark Henry was present according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, although he was not used on TV.

Originally, Simmons would serve as the mouthpiece for the group. No word on Henry’s role, but he could have been power; yet, Lashley probably has that spot covered.

For now, MVP is the leader of the stable with Lashley seemingly being is number two in command. Shelton Benjamin joined after winning the 24/7 Championship, marking his first RAW win in 14 years.

In the coming weeks, we will have to see if Simmons returns to TV or Henry makes an appearance. Vince McMahon has been changing scripts daily, so anything is possible.

On top of everything, some in WWE do not want to see the Nation of Domination return. While they were popular, the stable could rub people the wrong way with current real-life situations going on.

Tessa Blanchard Held Impact Hostage

Tessa Blanchard Racism Sexism
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Tessa Blanchard made history in Impact Wrestling, becoming the first woman to hold their World Championship. After a year of challenging male wrestlers and chasing the title, Blanchard eventually won the gold.

Unfortunately, there were issues between the champion and the promotion. In the end, Blanchard was fired from Impact Wrestling.

Basically, Blanchard had been stuck in Mexico with her soon to be husband. While she could have left the country and headed back to the United States to defend the title, she opted not to as it could affect her upcoming wedding.

Impact Wrestling wanted Blanchard to send over taped promos and then drop the title at Slammiversary. Neither side could reach an agreement and Blanchard was released.

Fightful reports that Blanchard demanded a “large sum of money” before returning the title. That did not happen as Blanchard’s camp claimed to have only been given an address this week on where to send the belt.

There does not seem to be concern over the gold and Impact Wrestling officials feel it will be returned. As for Blanchard’s side of the story, she is denying everything.

Eddie Edwards won the title at Slammiversary as the company moves forwards. 

As for Blanchard, WWE has sent out feelers. No word if All Elite Wrestling is interested because of accusations from Blanchard’s past.

ROH and NWA could also be considered in the running, but their budget is not close to WWE or AEW. Whatever happens, Blanchard is currently one of the hottest free agents in pro wrestling.

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