Kelly Clarkson’s Divorce Takes Nasty Turn As Husband Demands Obscene Support Sum

Kelly Clarkson's soon to be ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock, is seeking a whopping $436,000 in monthly support from "The Voice" coach.

Kelly Clarkson’s husband is seeking a big payday at the popular singer’s expense. Brandon Blackstock is seeking a whopping $436,000 in monthly support from his soon to be ex-wife. Clarkson and Blackstock got married in 2013.

The Voice judge filed for divorce in June claiming the couple had “irreconcilable differences.” She will be staying in California as her work is based there while her estranged husband plans to live in Montana. 

Brandon Blackstock Wants Over $3.6 Million A Year

Blackstock, who works as a talent manager, wants $301,000 each month for spousal support and $135,000 for child support.

That’s a total of over $3.6 million he is asking his soon to be ex-wife to fork over every year. That’s a hefty price tag for a sugar momma!

Ironically, Kelly’s song “Piece by Piece” that she wrote about her father is ringing true in her current situation:

Specifically, these lyrics:

But piece by piece he collected me
Up off the ground where you abandoned things, yeah
Piece by piece he filled the holes
That you burned in me at six years old
And you know
He never walks away
He never asks for money
He takes care of me
He loves me
Piece by piece he restored my faith
That a man can be kind and a father could… stay


Clarkson was just awarded primary custody of their young children, so Blackstock has a very aggressive ask considering their children will live with her.

In addition, he is seeking $2 million for attorney fees. No matter what happens, this is going to be a costly divorce for Clarkson. 

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Kelly Clarkson Got Primary Custody Of Children

While Clarkson was initially hopeful that this divorce could be done amicably, things have hit the skids. Court documents highlight that parenting with Blackstock has gotten to be very challenging.

The court acknowledged “the level of conflict between the parents has increased. The parties have a difficult time co-parenting due to issues of trust between them.”

The father of two will be able to visit the children in Los Angeles. He also can video chat with them daily during an agreed upon time.

Kelly’s Clarkson’s husband gets the kids for Thanksgiving break and from December 19th through Christmas mid-afternoon. Clarkson will them have custody from Christmas through New Year’s. 

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The children, 6-year-old daughter River and 4-year-old son Remington, will reside with Kelly in her Los Angeles home. This was granted to give the children some stability. 

Clarkson recently stated on her talk show that she might discuss how the divorce affects her personally but she will not trash talk Blackstock. She has a great reason for keeping that private. 

“Because I’m a mama bear and my kids come first,” The Kelly Clarkson Show host said. 

She recognizes that this is a big disruption for the children who now are splitting time between both parents. While this is not the ideal situation, she is trying to navigate it as lovingly as possible. 

“We have a lot of help as far as therapists or child psychologists ’cause we want to do it right. I definitely want to do it right,” Clarkson said. “Everyone’s sad and it’s OK to be sad.”

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