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Todd Tilghman openly shares his faith everywhere he goes. That’s his job as a pastor. But, now he’s taken his love of Christ to a different level by sharing it with millions on live TV these past few months. And that gamble paid off as Team Blake’s Tilghman was declared the winner of this season of “The Voice”. The icing on the cake: he chose a Christian song for the finale and got rave reviews!

The Meridian, Mississippi pastor is a father of eight. He and his wife have been married for 21 years and have chose adoption to expand their family.

This is not your average entertainment story, but it’s one that we need to hear and it resonated with fans of “The Voice.” 

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Cornerstone Church In Meridian, Mississippi

Todd has connected with so many people through his participation on the singing competition show that he is being asked by people on social media about Cornerstone Church and how they can watch services online.

This is how you expand the message of Christ – by bringing it directly to the people in the language they understand.

In this case, that language was music. Pastor Tilghman is winning over fans and he’s also winning over new followers of Jesus thanks to “The Voice”. 

Todd got all four judges to turn around during his blind audition. He had his choice of any of the singers and he chose to be on Blake Shelton’s team.

The popular country singer guided Tilghman to victory, but it seemed that he was always destined to win “The Voice”.

The Mississippi pastor’s story resonated with everyone, and his voice together with his faith carried him along the way. 

While the pastor sang mainstream songs, he never feared discussing his job or even singing about his love for Jesus along the way.

After all, that is who Todd Tilghman is. 

Todd Tilghman Wins “The Voice”

The season finale had to be done remotely do to the coronavirus pandemic.

It wasn’t the same as having a live studio audience, but it might have made it more special for Tilghman to earn his big win on his home turf surrounded by his loving family.

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For the finale, he chose to sing his original song “Long Way Home.”

His coach, Blake Shelton, said the performance was “incredible.” Shelton pointed out that Todd is able to take an original song and make it feel familiar.

Watch the video of his performance below and you’re likely to agree.

Then Tilghman rolled out a Christian favorite. “I Can Only Imagine” is a mainstay in many churches.

It is well known and beautiful and one that many people can sing along to. It was the perfect way for Tilghman to wrap up this competition.

You can watch his stunning rendition of “I Can Only Imagine” in the video below. 

We are likely to see much more of Todd Tilghman and that’s a good thing!

“The Voice” winner hopes to collaborate with Blake Shelton and sing together in the future. 

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