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Fan Uses WWE Thunderdome To Promote KKK Rally

WWE Thunderdome did not start without problems, as one fan used it to promote a KKK rally. And that was not the only issue!

WWE Thunderdome did not go swimmingly. In fact, a fan used the Thunderdome to promote a KKK rally on Raw television.

Fan Uses Thunderdome As KKK Rally Platform

fan uses thunderdome to promote KKK rally

A “WWE fan” used the Thunderdome platform to promote a KKK rally. As the fan appeared in the middle of the screen during a match, it was quickly picked up by other fans.

Needless to say, the incident soon went viral on social media. The incident also caused huge outrage with fans across the world. 

WWE quickly responded to the incident with an official statement. 

“This abhorrent behavior does not reflect WWE‘s values and we have zero tolerance for these unacceptable acts. We are working to ban those involved from future events and per our policies, any inappropriate actions result in the removal from the live stream.”

The incident might have some far-reaching consequences. Some fans even called for the entire concept to be banned from television. 

Considering the severity of the images, WWE needs to tread lightly going forward. If more incidents like this occur, it could mean the end of the entire concept.

As always, it could be the case of a few rotten apples ruining the experience for everyone. One thing is abundantly clear though, the images should never made it to live television.

Maybe the WWE could remedy the problem by working on a delay? While it is impossible to check each fan, the issue could have been remedied if the images were spotted during a five to ten minute delay.

Of course, live reactions from fans are difficult to obtain during a live television show. Maybe, implementing a separate stream for those in attendance could be the answer?

Either way, WWE must ensure this does not happen again. It is a small miracle that this story did not blow up even more than it already has.

Thunderdome Plagued By Inappropriate Images


The KKK incident is bad enough already. Nevertheless, inappropriate images have plagued the Thunderdome system.

Another incident that occurred during Thunderdome included an image of Chris Benoit. The image was held up by a fan and clearly spotted during Raw.

Over the years, WWE did its best to distance itself from Chris Benoit due to the crimes he committed. Of course, this does not stop certain fans from mentioning him and using Benoit images during Thunderdome.

WWE started banning fans who use the platform for racist, abusive or other ends. 

Thunderdome Was Not All Doom And Gloom


While there are some clear issues with Thunderdome, it is not all doom and gloom. In fact, some fans took the opportunity to bring some fun things on camera.

Some amazing visitors of the Thunderdome included Super Mario, but also Pikachu. So, while some fans are abusing Thunderdome, others are making it quite fun.

Of course, the recent incidents still show that there are some security issues with Thunderdome. While the WWE did cut the feed during the KKK incident, many fans still saw the unfortunate images.

Let’s hope this does not happen again and that Thunderdome can continue without much trouble.

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