Newly Crowned Miss USA 2020 Is A Gun-Loving Patriot Who Sang At Trump Rally

The new Miss USA 2020, Asya Branch from Mississippi, strongly supports the Second Amendment and sang at a Donald Trump rally in 2018.

A new Miss USA 2020 was crowned on Monday night, and it’s 22-year-old, Second Amendment-supporting patriot Asya Branch from Mississippi. This talented young lady even sang “The Star Spangled Banner” at a rally for President Donald Trump in 2018.

The Miss USA pageant was held at Elvis Presley’s Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee.

Miss USA 2020 Asya Branch Blows Judges Away 

Daily Mail reported that Asya Branch took the title of Miss USA after she blew the judges away during the contest finals by explaining how the public has “lost trust” in the media. 

Branch was asked by the judges how America can come together after Trump’s apparent loss in the presidential election.

“I think this is an issue of trust,” Branch said in response. “We’ve lost trust in the systems that seem to keep our country running, from the media to business to our government.”

“And it’s all about restoring that trust and coming together and working together to heal and trust in these systems,” she added. “If want to continue to be the greatest nation we’re going to have to set a better example.”

Branch also talked about participating in a criminal justice reform roundtable with Trump, who previously owned the pageant from 1996 to 2015 .

And, she previously performed at a rally for President Trump in Southaven, Mississippi in October of 2018. 

“Incredible honor to sing the national anthem tonight in Southaven for the President Trump rally,” she wrote on Instagram in a post that has since been deleted. 

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Asya Branch Is Unapologetic About Her Second Amendment Stance

In addition, she was open with the judges of the Miss USA pageant about the fact that she is a passionate supporter of the Second Amendment.

“As someone who grew up in a home with guns, I learned at an early age how to load, how to fire, and gun safety,” Branch said. “And I think that education should be available to everyone.”

“I believe that we should require people to pass safety and training before they are allowed to purchase a gun and before receiving a permit,” she added.

“I think it’s important that we not ban guns because obviously people will find a way to get what they want anyways. I think it’s our second amendment right. We just need more safety surrounding that.”

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Miss USA 2020 Makes History

Asya Branch is a marketing major at Ole Miss. She is also the first black woman to win the title of Miss Mississippi.

Last night, she became the first Mississippian to ever take home the title of Miss USA as well.

She was overjoyed after her win, saying that “staying true to who you are” is the secret behind her success. 

These days, it’s rare to see a young woman who is so unapologetically pro Second Amendment in the spotlight.

And then to see her receive positive recognition and a platform for her views is even more incredible!

Asya Branch is going to be one incredible Miss USA.

We’re thankful to see see such a strong, positive role model for the young girls of America. 

Congratulations to Miss USA 2020, Asya Branch! Let’s make her famous.

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