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Miss USA’s Remarks On Feminism And Healthcare Make Liberals Furious

Liberals immediately took to Twitter to complain about Miss USA's conservative leaning answers on healthcare and feminism.

The newly-crowned Miss USA has angered liberal social justice warriors for not towing the liberal lines on healthcare and feminism. The radical left expects groupthink from women, particularly minority women, so they were reacted swiftly to her words.

Kára McCullough On Healthcare

Kára McCullough works in the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission as a chemist.

Since the District of Columbia is overwhelmingly a Democratic stronghold, it was expected that Kára would share those viewpoints. But, that assumption was wrong!

She was asked if healthcare if a right or a privilege. Kára stunned left wingers by saying she thought it was a privilege. Nobody is owed anything. I love that this woman is our new Miss USA!

Kára McCullough On Feminism

When asked about feminism, she responded that she doesn’t believe in the man-hating stances of modern feminism. She believes in equalism.

And her career as a female scientist proves that opportunities exist for women today.

Watch the video below to understand why liberal heads are exploding.

Haters Take To Twitter

Imagine the left’s frustration when Kára made these conservative remarks but was still crowned Miss USA!

Once again, the left proves they only support women as long as those women promote liberal talking points. What hypocrites!

McCullough is the second Miss DC in a row to become Miss USA, which is a pageant previously owned by none other than … President Donald J. Trump.

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Source: Free Beacon

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