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Lana Suffered Breakdown After Hateful Messages, Wrestlers Send Love

After Rusev (Miro) was relaesed by WWE, Lana started getting hateful messages from fans. Thankfully, wrestlers reached out for support.

Following Miro’s WWE release, Lana had a breakdown after fans attacked her with hateful messages. Then, support came-in from wrestlers across several different companies. 

Lana Suffered Breakdown After Hateful Messages

Back in April, WWE, like many companies, had to let of a large portion of their staff. Many of the names were backstage folk, but some were current wrestlers featured on TV.

Many of the wrestlers let go were considered bottom tier, although Rusev was also sent packing. At the time, Rusev was working on a new deal with WWE.

In the end, Rusev (now going by Miro) was gone and he joined AEW. His wife, Lana, remains part of WWE and took the split hard. 

Lana noted how she went traveling with Miro 24/7, to them working for different companies and seeing less of each other. She described the transition during the newest WWE Network Chronicle special.

She got emotional and spoke about mental distress, especially after reading comments on social media. Fans would send rude comments, wishing she was released by WWE and not Miro.

“Everyone’s just so mean,” said Lana. “I couldn’t handle it anymore because that’ my only interaction with human beings is my Instagram account or Twitter.” 

“And now everyone in comments is like, ‘you should be fired, why are you not fired? You suck!’”

After the video was was posted, wrestlers from WWE, AEW and Impact Wrestling sent positive vibes for Lana.

Lana remains in character after her husband's release

Wrestlers Send Lana Love After Hateful Messages

For the past two months, Lana has been put through a table by Nia Jax. The idea is to help make her a popular face.

Also, some think she could finally get revenge tonight at Survivor Series. While Lana is part of Team RAW, some speculate she will put Nia through a table tonight.

As for Miro, he is doing okay in AEW. He does have more freedom than in WWE, but he seems to be lacking a major program.

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