Karrion Kross In-Ring Return

A former NXT Champion could be returning soon, and WWE had Zelina Vega escorted out of the building upon being terminated.

Former NXT Champion Returning Soon

NXT has some significant names on the shelf, but one former NXT Champion should be returning soon.

That former NXT Champion? None other than Karrion Kross.

Kross was only briefly NXT Champion over the summer. He defeated Keith Lee, but in doing so suffered a shoulder injury.

Former NXT Champion Returning

That shoulder injury, a separation, proved significant enough that he had to surrender the title immediately.

There had been some speculation that Kross, when ready, would actually jump up to the main roster. However, according to the Wrestling Observer, that is not the current plan.

The belief is we could see the former NXT Champion returning very soon. How soon is anyone’s guess.

However, if you look at the rough time to return from a shoulder separation, Karrion Kross could pop up on just about any NXT show from now until he actually does return.

NXT does have WarGames on the horizon…so perhaps he returns at that event? Or possibly even FOR that event?

It wouldn’t be a stunning move to have the former champion return to challenge the Superstar who took his place, Finn Balor.

There’s still a few weeks between now and the next TakeOver, so there is time for things to develop.

WWE could bring Kross back to television quickly, but not rush to get him back physically. That would be similar to Finn Balor, as the NXT Champion was back on Wednesday but did not get involved in a brawl.

Simply having Kross back on NXT Television would be a boost, so even if he is merely in a speaking role for a week or two, that could work.

There are a few weeks before TakeOver, and plenty can happen. It’s worth watching to see if we see the former NXT Champion return before the end of 2020.

WWE Had Zelina Vega Escorted Out

Just over a week ago, WWE surprised fans by terminating Zelina Vega. Now we’ve learned that WWE had Zelina Vega escorted out of the building.

It seems as though the relationship between the company and Vega was a rocky one, or at least was quite sour at the end.

One major issue that lead to her termination was her insistence on remaining active on 3rd party websites that allowed her to make additional income.

WWE had issued a blanket ban, instructing Superstars to stop using sites like Twitch, Patreon and OnlyFans. While Vega had apparently signed off of some accounts, she was still active on OnlyFans.

On November 13th, Zelina Vega posted a comment supporting the idea of wrestlers unionizing as a means to have Vince McMahon stop being so restrictive.

An hour later, while at the Amway Center preparing for last week’s SmackDown, Vega was terminated. Fans were not happy.

Per the Wrestling Observer, Vega was informed of her firing and ultimately WWE had Zelina Vega escorted out of the building.

Vega even tried to talk to Vince McMahon before she was escorted out, but she was told that he did not want to speak with her.

It will be interesting to see where Vega works next. What will also be interesting to see is what happens next in the efforts by professional wrestlers to unionize.

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