British Soap Contacts WWE’s Paige To Play A Role In Coronation Street

Former WWE superstar Paige could have landed a role in popular British soap Coronation Street. In fact, she already received an invite.

Popular WWE star Paige could be getting a role in Coronation Street. The connection between the popular British soap and the WWE star came on social media.

Paige Asked For A Role In Corrie

Will Paige go back to Britain for a corrie role?

Coronation Street, often abbreviated as Corrie, is one of the most popular shows in the United Kingdom. Being from Britain, Paige seems to keep tabs on what is happening on the famous street.

When ITV’s producers followed Paige on social media, the star hinted at wanting a role on the show. The producers later responded that they sent her a direct message. 

In other words, there could be a role in the works for the WWE’s Paige on Coronation Street! 

Could Coronation Street Be The Best Thing For WWE’s Paige?

Could a role in Corrie be the right thing?

Paige playing a regular role in Corrie would not be the worst thing. After all, Paige has not wrestled since suffering a career-ending injury. 

While she has stayed involved in the WWE product, her overall presence is a lot less these days. So, seeking another opportunity in her native Britain might not be the worst idea. 

And while it would be good for her career, it remains to be seen if Paige is actually interested in an acting role. She hinted at it in her social media message, but that does not mean anything.

Will Paige Take The Opportunity In Britain?

The British beauty has finally settled in her new home in the States. In various Instagram posts, she hinted how much she likes her new home.

Working for Corrie in Britain would make things a lot harder for Paige. After all, her life has been in the States since she started working for the WWE. 

An insider also claims that Paige has no ambitions to take a role in Corrie. That being said, the wrestler could still make a special appearance in the show. 

Coronation Street is soon celebrating its 60th anniversary. Naturally, this is the perfect time to have a celebrity guests.

Even though Paige moved to the States some time ago, she is quite beloved in Britain. And with the release of the movie of her life, Fighting with My Family, Coronation Street might be eager to have her. 

Perhaps there will be an acting option available for her – either in Corrie or something else. After all, wrestlers need a acting ability to sell their storylines. 

In the future, I would not rule out movie roles for Paige. If her injury is indeed as permanent as has been stated in the past, then she may need to seek another direction in her career.

Of course, it is also possible that the WWE has a role for her in some shape or form. But since the WWE Backstage got reduced, it is difficult to see what kind of role she could fulfill in the company.

As always, we will have to wait and see.

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