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Looting and rioting broke out in Philadelphia in what has become an all-to-common scene in recent months, as Black Lives Matter rioters were captured on video seeking justice by stealing big screen televisions at a Walmart.

The riots broke out and quickly turned to looting sprees in the City of Brotherly Love following the death of Walter Wallace, Jr. who was shot after seeming to charge at police with a knife.

The National Guard was called in to control the chaos in the Democrat-run city.

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Black Lives Matter Loot And Riot In Philly

Wallace’s death is viewed by many as being justified.

Video of the incident appears to show that Wallace charged at police with a weapon even after repeated warnings. 


Despite this, rioters took hold of Philadelphia and business owners paid a high price. 

Looters arrived at stores ready to leave with high dollar merchandise. Some stores were left bare after the thieves raided them.

Police believe a thousand looters descended upon stores like Target, Walmart, and Foot Locker on Tuesday night.

Their COVID-19 masks helped to hide their identity.  

Getaway Cars For Walmart Looters

People were seen running out of Walmart with expensive flat screen televisions.

Cars lined up for the looters stealing massive amounts of Walmart merchandise. Nobody appeared to be concerned with getting caught.

The license plates of the getaway cars weren’t even hidden. Video of the wild Walmart looting is in the tweet below.

The parking lot was littered with cars and thieves that were looking to get high dollar goodies into their greasy hands. 

Walmart Isn’t The Only Store To Suffer Losses In Philly Riots

Some stores appeared to suffer huge losses during Tuesday’s night’s rampage.

One looter was even seen wheeling a washing machine out of another store. Wow!

Black Lives Matter riots weren’t limited to Philadelphia this week. Riots also erupted in New York City


With these violent reactions, it’s easy to see this behavior isn’t about justice. It’s about power. 

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