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Twenty-year-old Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg found himself in hot water with his beloved fellow liberals this week after daring to denounce violence and looting.

As temperatures rose, the young anti-gun activist started backtracking like crazy, apologizing and claiming that he only meant to condemn violence from “young white people.” 

David Hogg Denounces Looting And Violence

It all started on Monday, when Hogg took to Twitter to call on young people to protest peacefully and stop with the violence and looting.

“Young people can stage a nonviolent political revolution over the coming decade but it will require all of us voting in consistently high # EVERY election, protesting, organizing and running for office and most importantly the persistence, love and community to overcome setbacks,” Hogg wrote. “To do so we must all practice the humility, kindness and grace to be the political leaders we need to be in order to create such change.”

“We must not fall for the slander espoused by those in power that says violence will solve our problems, they only say that so they can have an excuse to grow their authoritarianism. I have seen how violence and hate destroys lives and communities- it is not the answer,” the young activist continued. 

“The use of violence to acquire political power is deeply rooted in imperialism, capitalism and white supremacy I personally refuse to believe that the use of this same violence will ever create nonviolent systems of government that represent and support everyone,” Hogg concluded. 

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One would think that calling for peace and civility would not be controversial.

But in the eyes of the radical leftists that Hogg typically advocates for, his Twitter rant was unforgivable.

Immediate Backtrack

Instead of standing strong in the face of the liberal backlash and defending his calls for peace, David Hogg backed down as soon as the leftwing mob started to turn on him.

Less than 25 minutes after concluding his Twitter thread, Hogg desperately clarified that his message was “directed specifically at the young white people” who he claims have been arming themselves to loot. 

“This is directed specifically at the young white people I see arming themselves or wanting to so they can go and loot and act in antagonistic ways against the state trying to use allyship as a cover,” he wrote. 

“Let me be clear, what I am NOT trying to do is tell [black, indigenous, people of color] how they should react to violence directed at them by the state,” Hogg added. “It is not my place or any white persons [sic] to direct or criticize the way BIPOC people choose to defend themselves against this violence from the state.”

David Hogg Clarifies Peaceful Protest Call For “White People”

Not stopping there, the Parkland survivor apologized for daring to denounce violence and looting. 

“I am sorry for how understandably anyone could have misinterpreted what was said,” Hogg tweeted. “I appreciate those that have called me out and let me know how this tweet was offensive and I am welcome to continuing to learn.”

“Many are understandably upset and offended and I have have to do my part in admitting to mistakes when I make them and supporting my friends,” he concluded.

Oh brother. 

For a second there, it seemed that we may have found some rare common ground with David Hogg.

Peace and civility is something that we should all be able to get behind. Regardless of our political beliefs.

It’s unfortunate that he was so quick to change his tune and submit to the radical mob. What’s worse, Hogg punctuated his apology with a a message that is nothing short of racist against white people. 

This just goes to show that no one is safe in this world of cancel culture and social media mobs. The bygone era of the court of public opinion has nothing on the online mob justice of  today.

Even liberals need to be careful these days. It looks to me like David Hogg was just one tweet short of getting cancelled.

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