Black Lives Matter Florida harass diners St. Petersburg

Black Lives Matter protests in Louisville quickly descended into riots last night in the wake of the grand jury’s decision in the Breonna Taylor case. Almost 900 miles away in St. Petersburg, video captured Florida Black Lives Matter “activists” following their lead by mobbing cars and harassing elderly diners at restaurants. 

Florida Drivers Not Liable When Fleeing A Mob

It started with left wing rioters blocking traffic in St. Petersburg.

But that was not smart. Especially given that Governor Rick DeSantis recently put out information on Combatting Violence, Disorder, And Looting, And Law Enforcement Protection Act. 

As the tweet below shows, section 1B of the Act states a “driver is NOT  liable for injury or death caused if fleeing for safety from a mob.”

This gave drivers the green light to drive through the Black Lives Matter protestors blocking or causing harm to their vehicles.

So it didn’t take long for a driver in St. Pete’s to do just that.

When faced with a mob of Black Lives Matter activists surrounding his car, the driver hit the gas.

You can see the entire incident in the tweeted video below. 

These Black Lives Matter protesters created a serious safety hazard. And they were just getting started.

Black Lives Matter Harass Outdoor Diners At Florida Restaurant

The angry mob’s harassment and agitation continued through the night.

Diners on outdoor patios became the next target of Black Lives Matter. Unlike the drivers, these outdoor diners didn’t have the protection of a car

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People dine out to relax and enjoy a meal and company. You aren’t looking for confrontation or a political assault.

Unfortunately, that’s what a Florida couple got when Black Lives Matter protestors overtook the patio of the restaurant where they are having dinner.

The activists must have thought this pair were easy targets so they overtook the table, ruining their dinner and making them feel unsafe and threatened.

They even insulted them for being older. 

You can watch this disturbing scene in the tweeted video below.

It’s appalling that anyone would be threatened like this.

These restaurants are still attempting to recover from the stifling regulations from the pandemic. Having their customers being accosted in this manner is possibly going to have devastating consequences on this small business. 

Sadly, this isn’t the first time Black Lives Matter targeted outdoor diners. And St. Pete isn’t the only city impacted.

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This seems to be a new trend that Black Lives Matter rioters are using to disrupt and threaten law abiding citizens. When will this lawlessness and terror end?

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