Corbo's family owned Bakery Riots Rifles

As riots and looters across the country attacked businesses, an iconic Italian bakery in Cleveland held the radical protesters back by using their Second Amendment rights when the owners came out with rifles. Corbo’s Bakery is a generational family owned business. This family is protecting their livelihood and their legacy.

Joe Corbo and his sons weren’t about to allow Antifa looters destroy the Playhouse Square location. Now the criminals they scared off are threatening to target Corbo’s other locations. 

Cleveland’s peaceful protests regarding the death of George Floyd quickly turned violent as police cars were set ablaze. Windows were broken. Stores were looted and buildings were defaced with graffiti.

Previous Black Lives Matter protests in Cleveland following Tamir Rice’s death never got violent. But, Antifa’s involvement changed that dramatically. 

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Corbo’s Italian Bakery Owners Use Rifles To Protect Business From Looters

When the looters headed to Playhouse Square, the Corbos were there to protect their business. They were prepared with multiple firearms and. when targeted, they came outside to confront the looters.

The potential looters folded quickly after seeing they were facing off with armed business owners taking a stand.

“We don’t want any trouble, we don’t want you guys in here damaging our property, we’re just protecting our business and truthfully, I would say maybe 80% of them understood, they left us alone and kept walking, and then there was that 20% that just were accusing us of some things and crazy things that just weren’t true. We weren’t there to hurt anybody or cause a problem, we were just protecting our business,” co-owner Selena Corbo told local media.

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Watch the video below to see how it is done! 

Protesters Target Corbo’s Little Italy Location Next

Corbo’s received tremendous applause for protecting their business and showing others how to do it. But, they also received threats from the leftwing activists.

Their main location in Cleveland’s Little Italy was threatened and the National Guard was brought to the neighborhood for protection.

Protesters still showed up, but they were held off once again. No wise person is going to mess with armed Italians. 

On Sunday, protesters showed up at Corbo’s Little Italy location to protest. But, with the National Guard there and Italians in the neighborhood willing to protect their turf, looters didn’t stand a chance.  

A tweeted video of some of this encounter is below. It is hard to imagine these protesters having peaceful intentions targeting this family owned business that held off looters the night before.

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