BLM Activists Swarm Innocent Diners, Demand to Know If They’re Christian

Black Lives Matter activists surround and harass outdoor DC diners demanding they raise their fists and ask, "Are you Christian?"

Viral videos of Black Lives Matter activists harassing people dining in Washington, DC restaurants are disturbing to say the least. If you listen closely to the activists, you can hear one woman screaming an important and alarming question. “Are you a Christian?” Yes, those are the words the extremist asked a woman in the video below. 

Black Lives Matter Activists Swarm People Dining

This is typical of what is happening across the country, white liberals are hijacking Black Lives Matter and, rather than helping, they are inflaming the situation.

These Black Lives Matter activists overtook the outside dining area of a DC restaurant to protest the shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin.

They screamed “White Silence Is Violence” and “No Justice, No Peace!” while demanding that all the patrons raise their fists in support of them. 

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These people were just there to enjoy a meal but they were harassed. We are in the midst of a pandemic and the leftist agitators were definitely not respecting social distancing. Instead, they were up in the faces of the diners. 

However, one woman stood her ground by refusing to raise her fist. The others all caved and succumbed. Maybe they agreed or maybe they just didn’t want to be harassed or threatened because that is exactly what happened to the woman who refused.

These Black Lives Matter activists are like Brown Shirts. They humiliate people to get them to succumb and agree with them.

This tactic might work for many people in the short run who will shut up to get along, but when they get in the ballot box they will remember the bullying and harassment. 

“Are You A Christian?”

And, these Black Lives Matters activists got in the diner’s face. This wasn’t even a church and her religion was questioned. “Are you a Christian?” she was asked by one of a white leftist women attempting to start a riot.

What if she was a Christian? Would that bring even more harassment and threats?

Watch the video below and imagine how you would react.

Here is another angle of the encounter. This woman just wanted to eat but they wanted her to submit. The look in her eyes says it all. She wants to be left alone, but she will not allow them to bully her. 

“I felt I was under attack,” the woman named Lauren B. Victor told Fredrick Kunkle with the Washington Post. Victor explained that she had been marching with protesters for several weeks and was “very much with them.”

However, she didn’t feel this strong armed tactic was the way to get the message across and refused to raise her fist. 

Second Viral Video Of BLM Harassing DC Diners

This wasn’t a lone event. People who want to eat out in the nation’s capital need to be aware that activists could harass them while they are out. 

Another couple dining was harassed when a Black Lives Matter mob approached. When they refused to comply with their demands, a Black woman approached them.

She wasn’t wearing a mask and got in the man’s face. They were called white supremacists for not caving to the mob and raising their fists to support Black Power. 

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The man told the woman to put on a mask. She refused. Apparently, the rules of the pandemic don’t apply to race-baiting agitators. They just apply to law abiding citizens like this couple attempting to enjoy dinner.


We can’t even go to dinner anymore without things turning into a riot. It’s absurd and extremely disturbing.

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