WWE Darren Young Concussions

Former WWE Darren Young made a shock confession about the concussions he suffered while working as a wrestler. In other news, we look critically at the RAW botch after Ivar got injured.

Darren Young Lost Memory Due To Concussions

WWE Darren Young concussions confession

Concussions are some of the most common injuries in professional wrestling. Unfortunately, this has affected many people negatively over the years.

One of the men who has been affected by concussions is none other than former WWE wrestler Darren Young. According to him, he cannot remember half of the stuff he did due to concussions.

“A lot of concussions over the years,” said Young on The Wrestling Inc. Daily. “CTE so I don’t remember half the stuff that I’ve done. You just have to tune in. I’m excited myself. Rocky Romero, who I’m always texting saying, ‘I can’t wait. I can’t wait till the announcement’s made.’ I was going crazy. No one knew except for me and a handful of my friends. So I didn’t want to jump the gun on this huge announcement made by New Japan Pro Wrestling, but that’s my excuse, CTE. I don’t remember what I’ve done. You just gotta tune in.”

Darren Young was released from his contract some time ago. However, the CTE diagnosis will stay with him for life. 

WWE’s Concussion History

Darren Young

This is not the first time the wrestling world encountered a concussion revelation. Countless other wrestlers are known to have suffered long-term effects due to concussions.

One of the most notable is allegedly Chris Benoit. To this day, it is believed that repeated concussions contributed to the crimes he committed as well as his suicide. 

CTE is a common term referring to brain damage caused by repeated concussions. This term was also mentioned in the investigation into the Chris Benoit murders and suicide.

Despite the rigorous health policies the WWE claims to have, it is clear their problem is far from over.

Botch On WWE RAW

Ivar injury led to the Raw Botch

A RAW botch saw Ivar of the Viking Raiders make the medical emergency sign in the middle of a match. But what exactly happened after that?

When Ivar got injured, it seemed that Ricochet had no idea about what was going on. While the wrestler kicked out at two, the referee ended the match nonetheless.

Obviously, the reason for ending the match was the injury Ivar suffered. While the botch was noticeable, fans did seem to grasp it happened due to a medical emergency.

WWE Addressed The Injury

WWE addressed Ivar's injury

While it was a miscommunication, the WWE did have to address what happened during the match. However, they did not focus on the both, but on Ivar’s injury. 

With a brief statement, the WWE revealed Ivar was transported to a local hospital after suffering a cervical injury. They also mentioned the star would be fine, but did not elaborated much further.

Considering how things happened, we doubt Ricochet will get into too much trouble for the both. Of course, you never know how Vince McMahon is going to react.

Communication during a live performance is difficult to say the least, especially with the cameras rolling. So, an understandable botch is all it was.

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