AJ Styles Nearly Appeared On AEW Debut, Ivar Injury Update

AEW's debut nearly included AJ Styles, this according to Matt Jackson. In other news, Ivar could be out for a while due to an injury.

Matt Jackson revealed this week that AJ Styles nearly appeared during the AEW debut. In other news, Ivar’s injury could put the wrestler on the shelf for a while.

AJ Styles Nearly Appeared On AEW Debut

AJ styles AEW Debut

If Matt Jackson is to be believed, AJ Styles almost made an appearance during the AEW debut show. While he did not mention Styles’ name directly, it was quite clear who he was talking about.

Jackson recently spoke on a Patreon Podcast alongside Gallows and Anderson. During this podcast, the plans for the AEW debut were laid bare.

“When were pitching ideas to have you guys [Anderson and Gallows] come in, it was not going to be just the two of you [debuting on AEW]. There was going to be another person who I would not name. Let us just say he’s another Bullet Club member you may not want to talk about,” said Matt Jackson.

If Matt Jackson’s statements are true, then we could have seen Styles on AEW. Some part of me also wonders if that would have been the better move for him?

WWE is not doing that great and the Good Brothers were released from their contract. So, we wonder if AJ Styles regrets his decision now?

AJ Styles Received Lucrative Contract To Prevent AEW Move?

AJ Styles WWE contract

Styles allegedly got a lucrative contract by the WWE. Obviously, this prevented him from moving to another brand. 

In the past, Styles has stated an interest in joining AEW. Nevertheless, he seemingly remained loyal to the WWE.

After the release of his friends Gallows and Anderson, as well as problems with Paul Heyman, we wonder if that loyalty will remain. It is possible that Styles will jump ship as soon as his contract runs out.

Ivar Injury Update

Ivar Injury

During this week’s episode of WWE Raw, Ivar suffered a rather unfortunate injury. While taking a dive through the ropes, the Viking Raider landed quite badly. 

From the footage, it is clear that Ivar is throwing up the emergency medical sign. When you look at the video, it almost seems like his right leg was either dislocated or broken by the fall.

WWE Issues Statement On Ivar’s Injury

Ivar Injury

As many fans noticed the fall and the apparent injury, the WWE released a statement to address the situation. According to them, Ivar suffered a so-called cervical injury. 

“INJURY UPDATE: During the #8ManTag match on #WWERaw, @Ivar_WWE suffered a cervical injury on a Viking Dive to the floor. As a precaution, Ivar was transported to a local hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.”

Per WWE’s statement, Ivar should be making a full recovery. However, it is currently unclear how long the wrestler will be out for.

The wrestler’s injury is reminiscent of Seth Rollins, whose leg visibly snapped in the middle of a match. If the injury is indeed similar, then Ivar could be out for a considerable time.

For now, we wish Ivar a speedy recovery. WrestleNewz will keep an eye on the situation as it develops, including a possible return date for the Viking Raider.

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