Black Live Matter Pittsburgh beer

Black Lives Matter agitators harassed diners at a Pittsburgh restaurant over the weekend. As they marched through the City, video shows the ‘mostly peaceful’ protesters targeted an elderly couple having a meal on the patio. One woman activist even grabbed a beer from the couple’s table and chugged it.

Leftwing rioters continued their destructive and tormenting ways over the Labor Day weekend.

Multiple viral videos of these occurrences are likely to cause Democrats problems this fall as law-abiding citizens now have to be concerned with being assaulted and harassed simply for being outside of their homes. 

Black Lives Matter Protesters Target Restaurants

The latest tactic of the rioters is to torment people at restaurants. These small businesses have taken a beating during the coronavirus pandemic so rioters destroying their property and harassing their customers is likely to have severe financial repercussions.

We have seen already seen this in Washington, DC. and Rochester, New York. Now, the left wing rioters have brought their latest brand of domestic terrorism to a swing state that Joe Biden desperately needs.

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In the first video below, meals are interrupted at a restaurant as a protesters march past. Being silent is no longer an option to these protesters. That puts a target on your back.

In this case, they looked for the weakest people who were unlikely to fight back. An elderly couple had to endure their wrath. Protesters screamed profanities at them. Then a woman with a “Nazi Lives Don’t Matter” shirt approached the elderly couple’s table and chugged the man’s beer.

Check out the video below and remember that we are also in the middle of pandemic in which Democrats are demanding we maintain six feet of social distancing and wear masks.

However, they give rioters a pass though.

President Trump took notice of how this elderly couple was targeted by Black Lives Matter.

These people were all there to enjoy a meal and support a local business when they were suddenly fearing for their lives by left wing agitators.

Man With Bicycle Attacked By BLM

In a second clip, a man with a bullhorn yells in the ear of another man who is carrying his bike to get through the protest.

The Black Lives Matter rioter uses the bullhorn to push the bicyclist in the head. Another man then hits the bicyclist in the head with a skateboard. The bicyclist was fortunate to be wearing a helmet to protect himself from this assault. 

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The harassment wasn’t isolated to only white people at restaurants. They were out to terrorize anyone they could. They also mobbed a Pittsburgh McDonald’s and tormented the black manager as the video below shows. 

Black Lives Matter Protest At Pittsburgh Mayor’s House

Later that night, they took their protest to the home of Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto’s home.They yelled and used a bullhorn to wake up neighbors. They also used strobe lights to harass the police officers providing security to the Mayor.

The Democratic Mayor has tolerated these protests, but he drew the line at it coming into his own neighborhood.

On Twitter, he wrote that he has granted them extra rights, but his tolerance ends when they come to his door. He doesn’t want their destructive ways to be where it impacts him. Now, he wants arrests. 

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