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2021 Royal Rumble Location, WWE Wins Concussion Lawsuit

The hope for WWE is that fans are back in the arena long before the 2021 Royal Rumble takes place, and Vince McMahon earns a win.

2021 Royal Rumble Location

WWE is working around the clock to bring live events back, and that includes the beginning stages in plans for 2021.

Up first in the new year will be the Royal Rumble, an annual event dating back to 1988. The event has taken place every year since in January, serving as a kick-start to coming months.

With the coronavirus putting a hurt on the promotion, they have found ways around the issue to continue serving fans. That includes virtual fans inside the ThunderDome in Orlando.

WWE officials, though, believe a time in the near future will arise where real fans can actually attend events once again. The hope is that happens before Royal Rumble, but if not, maybe that could be the launching pad.

The NFL begins here this week and the new NBA and NHL seasons are set to start in the coming months. WWE will be monitoring how those promotions work to bring live crowds back in hopes of doing the same.

One rumored location for the 2021 Royal Rumble is T-Mobile Park in Seattle. That might be a stretch considering the WWE is currently situated in Florida. 

The state provides plenty of ideal locations, having held its first Royal Rumble in 1990 at the Orlando Arena in Orlando. The 2016 Rumble match took place in Orlando at the Amway Center.

At the 2020 Royal Rumble, two battle royals took place. Drew McIntyre claimed the men’s match, going on to win the WWE title at WrestleMania. Winning the women’s Rumble match last year was Charlotte Flair. 

Each of the past three Royal Rumble events have featured both a men’s and women’s battle royal. 

WWE Wins Concussion Lawsuit

WWE suffered some of the biggest losses of viewers ever

Several former WWE superstars had a long-standing lawsuit against the promotion dismissed recently.

The Associated Press reports that a Federal Appeals court in the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York City dismissed the case. The judge agreed with a federal judge in Connecticut who tossed out the lawsuit several years ago.

Fifty former WWE superstars brought the lawsuit against Vince McMahon. They claimed that the promotion knew the risks of head injuries ahead of time, but failed to protect them.

In his decision, the judge ruled that the lawsuit was frivolous and filed after the statute of limitations had already expired. The judge also stated that there was no substantial evidence that the WWE knew of concussions or head injuries. 

Konstantine Kyros, the attorney representing the former superstars, released a statement.

“In its conclusory assertions the injured wrestlers find no justice having been literally denied a day in court,” Kyros said. “Per this mandate wrestlers have no rights, no rights to bring a lawsuit, no rights to help from WWE for CTE and head injuries, no rights as misclassified employees, no rights to a jury and, ironically, no right to even appeal.”

Some of the wrestlers involved in the lawsuit include Ahmed Johnson, Sabu, Shane Douglas, Marty Jannetty, One Man Gang, Henry Godwin, King Kong Bundy, Muhammad Hassan and Paul Orndorff. 

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