Portland rioters

Rioters in Portland pushed their way into a new neighborhood on Tuesday night with a warning for police: “Every city, every town. Burn the precincts to the ground.” Videos of the this sinister chant as rioters terrorize Portland send a chill down my spine. And citizens everywhere should be concerned.

The Democrats and liberal media who want you to believe these riots are “peaceful protests” might want to rethink things before their neighborhoods get invaded.

Video Shows Rioters March To The Portland Police Association

The protestors can be seen on video marching to the Portland Police Association to burn it down right before heading off to harass and threaten the police they want to defund.

The group of about 200 people gathered together in a bit of a dance to kick off a night of rioting before they head back to their parent’s basements. 

As has become standard in Portland, the Antifa/Black Lives Matter cretins set things ablaze.

A dumpster in the middle of the street was lit on fire. But, that’s not all.

These rioters also put cardboard next to a building and lit it up in an attempt to set the building on fire.

The rioters intended to burn the police building to the ground, but that wasn’t all they were doing.

They set up a barricade using a fence and a dumpster in attempts to take over the street and block off traffic. As the tweeted video below shows, the road had to be cleared to allow a semi-truck to get out of the area.

Portland Police Tried To Use Sonic Weapon To Curb Riots

These rioters must have never been told no as young children because they think they can do whatever they want.

This is a nightly occurrence in Portland as local elected officials have turned a blind eye to the destructive nature of this riots have been occurring for over two months.

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In June, police used a sonic weapon called an LRAD – long range acoustic device – to help take control. However, Mayor Ted Wheeler ordered the police to stop using the device. 

Now, it’s only allowed to be used to share information and not as a sonic warning tone function.

The mayor also apologized to the rioters:

“I apologize to those nonviolent demonstrators who were subjected to the use of CS gas or LRAD,” he said. “It should never have happened. I take personal responsibility for it and I’m sorry.”

This activity was actually declared a riot by Portland Police. Everyone was sent back home to the mom and dad. They were warned rioters that they had to leave or face arrest. 

Politicians Inhibiting Police

These young adults are used to getting their way, and politicians on the local and national level are allowing them to do just that. A heavy-handed approach would have stopped the rioting before it started. 

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Mayor Wheeler is considering tying the hands of police officers further by issuing a ban on tear gas.

These officers put their lives on the line to battle these nightly riots. Now, the Mayor wants to make their jobs even more dangerous as these riots spill over into other neighborhoods. 

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