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Frontier Airlines has some explaining to do after refusing to allow a Federal Air Marshal to board a flight because his facial covering showed an American flag. Black Lives Matter masks are acceptable, but Frontier banned the flag because it might offend some people. It makes no sense.

The August 23rd incident took place at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The Marshal was wearing a neck gaiter face covering. At first, he thought the style was the issue. He was handed a disposable mask which he put on.

However, when he put the American flag gaiter on top of that, he was refused boarding. This is political correctness gone amok. 

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Gate Agent Said American Flag Offensive

The Frontier gate agent told the Marshal that he needed to remove the flag gaiter as its presence made other passengers uneasy. The Marshal is there to protect people on the flight. He works for the United States government.

The passengers were mainly Americans and this was a United States based flight. But, Frontier was worried other passengers would get hurt feelings over the American flag.

However, she was not concerned with anyone being upset about Black Lives Matter masks. 

The Frontier gate agent also created another issue. She presumably blew the Federal Air Marshal’s cover.

They are not supposed to stand out from other passengers, but by creating a scene others took notice of him. 

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The National Organization of Police Organizations represents Federal Air Marshals. NOPO sent the tweeted letter below to the CEO of Frontier. 

Black Lives Matter Apparel Welcome On Frontier Flights

From Law Enforcement Today:

I had an opportunity to speak with current Federal Air Marshal Agency President William “Bill” Beller, who also serves as the recruitment director for the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA). When speaking with him about the Frontier Airlines face mask incident, he stated the following:

[The Federal Air Marshals] are there to do a job. We’re there to protect America. We’re there to ensure there’s not another 9/11 type of attack on our country.”

Beller continued from there, noting the ridiculousness of an airline employee trying to conflate the American flag as some kind of offensive symbol while boarding a flight in the United States:

“Basically, denying one of my coworkers for wearing an American flag – the flag is part of our nation, right? It’s part of who we are as Americans. I don’t think that’s any derogatory statement towards anybody.”

Unless they are wearing an American Flag Face Mask and happen to be a Federal Air Marshal, right Frontier?

— Hammy ✈ (@e2pilot) August 26, 2020

Frontier Airlines Attempts To Respond

The unidentified Air Marshal removed the American flag gaiter so he could board the flight to work. But, he should not have had to do that. 

Frontier Airlines has already started damage control. An airline spokesperson said there is a policy against certain styles of masks and that the gate agent mistook the gaiter for a bandana.

Frontier claimed this is a misunderstanding. 

But, this explanation doesn’t check out. Lots of people wear gaiters, so she should have easily understood the difference. And since the Air Marshal wore the disposable mask she gave him, the style of the gaiter isn’t the issue. It’s what on the gaiter that seemed to be the problem. 

The misunderstanding here is that Frontier doesn’t understand that the American flag is not offensive.

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