NBC News Publishes Op-Ed Saying Our American Flag Means Nothing

NBC News just published an op-ed that attacks Drew Brees by saying that the American flag actually means nothing, an offensive comment to patriots.

NBC News published an op-ed blasting NFL star Drew Brees for criticizing football players who kneel during the national anthem. The op-ed by Noah Berlatsky goes so far as to say that Brees’ “biggest mistake” in defending the American flag was “believing” that it “means anything.”

NBC Publishes Anti-American Op-Ed 

Brees has been hit with an unprecedented amount of backlash this week after simply saying that he does not agree with kneeling during the national anthem. The New Orleans Saints quarterback said that he views the move as a sign of “disrespect” and shared the story of his military roots.

NBC News decided to pile on to him on Thursday with this op-ed, teasing it on the network’s “THINK” page under the headline “Drew Brees’ biggest mistake?’ Believing the American flag means anything.” 

The actual headline of the story, which was written by Noah Berlatsky, ended up reading, “Drew Brees’ comments on George Floyd protest prioritize symbols over justice.”

Needless to say, Berlatsky was not kind to Brees and his patriotism in the slightest of ways:

“[Brees] has unfortunately become the poster child for what happens when you venerate a hollow space wrapped up in red, white and blue. Brees believed that his comments honored the flag and America’s ideals. But valuing a symbol of justice over justice itself isn’t moral or righteous. It’s the opposite. When honoring the flag is the price of justice, then the flag does not symbolize justice. It symbolizes force, inequality and racism. It’s a flag of conquest for white people, not of mercy or freedom for all.”

‘The Flag, And The Nation, Don’t Have Any Virtue’

Berlatsky even took issue with the fact that Brees said the American flag reminded him of his grandparents’ service during World War II, comparing this to comments made by Frederick Douglass in 1852 describing Independence Day as “the sunlight that brought light and healing to you, has brought stripes and death to me.”

“Brees wants his interpretation of the flag honored; everyone, he insists, should put their hands on their hearts before the flag to show ‘that we are all in this together.’ But some people, like Douglass, or Floyd, or Kaepernick — banned from Brees’ league for his protest — are not equals in America. Brees will not stand in solidarity with them unless they first respect his symbols. You have to say the nation is righteous before the nation will consider whether to stop murdering you.”

“There is no unity and solidarity centered on the flag, because the flag, and the nation, don’t have any virtue. Only human beings can have that. [Kaepernick] asked his country to think about its own symbols, rather than blindly worshipping them. Brees, and white Americans in general, have not risen to this challenge. This nation must care more about its soul than its symbols. It’s better to burn a flag than a person.”

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This Entire NBC Op-Ed Is Despicable 

This entire offensive op-ed shows just how far our country has fallen when it comes to patriotism.

Democrats, and therefore the mainstream media, are determined to make Americans hate the US and feel great shame about our flag.

It’s disgusting that NBC would publish this op-ed in the first place. And it’s even more disturbing that they are receiving virtually no backlash for it whatsoever. 

Contrary to what the media says, the American flag carries significant. It’s a beacon to the millions of Americans who still understand how lucky we are to call this place home.

The left has taken a lot from us, but they will never take our love for the American flag – or our respect for and the honor of those who fought and died for it. 

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