Washingtonville NY 9/11 Memorial

Nothing is off limits to the lawless people who are rioting and looting. Just when you think their hatefulness couldn’t get worse, they strike again. This time they definitely went too far. Now, people are outraged in Washingtonville, just north of New York City after a 9/11 memorial was vandalized.

9/11 Memorial Honors Fallen Heroes

The 9/11 memorial in Washsingtonville honors five firefighters who were killed when the World Trade Center collapsed after the 2001 terrorist attacks. It is shocking that anyone would be so heartless to destroy something so sacred. 

These five firefighters lost their lives on one of the darkest days in our nation’s history. That sacrifice means nothing to these atrocious people who are hell bent on attacking our police and even our firefighters. 

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Police Search For 9/11 Memorial Vandals

The flagpole at the memorial was severed five feet above its base. Washingtonville Police Chief Brian Zaccaro reports a tool was used to cut it. A message was written allegedly by the vandals on the portion of the pole that remains standing. 

However, police have not released what the message reads. An eagle adorning the top of the flagpole was found a half mile away at St. Mary’s Parish Center.

The memorial is a semi-circle of granite monuments. It pays tribute to New York Fire Department firefighters Mark Whitford, Bobby Hamilton and Gerry Nevins, Batallion Chief Dennis Devlin and Lt. Glenn Perry who were killed on 9/11 responding to the terrorist attacks.

NYC FireWire shared pictures of the Memorial on Twitter:

Washingtonville Mayor Joseph Bucco said a $3,000 reward is being offered for information that can help them bring the people responsible to justice. The Mayor said the City will replace the memorial. 

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Police And Firefighters Under Attack By Black Lives Matter Activists

Black Lives Matter activists and Antifa members have been very vocal in their push to defund the police. Firefighters are also being wrapped up in this movement.

A firefighter was targeted and shot in Columbus, Ohio seemingly because he had firefighter license plates and window decals on his vehicle. The shooter yelled derogatory comments about police officers and firefighters. 

The generation that was raised by getting trophies rather than earning them is perpetually angry and offended at everything.

They are certainly not going to like it if they get their way with defunding the police and later need a police officer or a firefighter and nobody comes to help them. 

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