WWII veteran Pete DuPré playing the National Anthem


Crowd Goes Wild For WWII Veteran Who Plays National Anthem On His Harmonica

96-Year-Old WWII Veteran Pete Dupré performs a stirring rendition of the National Anthem at an NBA game on Veterans Day weekend.

People watching the NBA New York Knicks game against the Cleveland Cavaliers got a treat when a WWII Veteran performed the National Anthem on his harmonica. 96-year-old Pete DuPré was greeted with rousing cheers following his stirring performance.

WWII Veteran Harmonica Pete 

Dupré, who is known as Harmonica Pete, wore a World War II Veteran hat as he played the National Anthem at the packed Madison Square Garden.

Members of the Military stood by the veteran while holding a large American flag. This was timed well as it happened the day before Veterans Day.

What a wonderful way to kick off a very important American holiday honoring those who served our country.

Pete Was An Army Medic

Harmonica Pete enlisted in the United States Army at the tender age of 17 after both of his parents died. He was an orphan but his first thought was to serve his country.

Dupré treated wounded service members  in Kidderminster, England through the war. This WWII Veteran served our nation as a medic in the United States Army’s 114th General Hospital Unit.

His love of country was on full display during the emotional performance at the Knicks game. At his age, traveling has to be exhausting.

While some NFL players kneel during the National Anthem, Dupré goes to great lengths to honor our nation in a very touching way. Just watching this hero take the microphone stirs a deep sense of patriotism and gratitude.

Knicks player RJ Barrett presented the veteran with a customized Knicks harmonica prior to the start of the game.

The entire display was so moving!

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WWII Veteran Plays National Anthem On Harmonica

Video of Harmonica Pete’s performance is below. As you can see, he is rather skilled on the harmonica.

This WWII Veteran isn’t allowing his age to stand in the way of honoring the United States of America!


DuPré has been in demand at sporting events.

The decorated Army medic played the National Anthem at the USWNT game against Mexico over Memorial Day weekend.

One of the coolest opportunities must have been his visit to Normandy. DuPré accompanied the US Women’s Soccer Team to Normandy along with three other WWII veterans prior to USWNT winning the World Cup in France.

He also performed “The Star Spangled Banner” before the Minnesota Vikings play the Oakland Raiders in September. That performance can be see in the tweet below.

As you can see, this WWII Veteran is very much a crowd favorite!

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