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Cancel culture is going after legendary actor John Wayne after his estate recently shared a story about The Duke on the set of The Searchers that highlights his generosity. The Navajos even honored John Wayne with a nickname for his good deed. But left-wing agitators were quick to pounce on the story in an attempt to defame the actor who has been dead for over four decades. 

Not only are leftists pushing to have his name removed from the Orange County airport, but they also want the conservative’s acting career tarnished as well. 

His crime is that he doesn’t live up to their extreme social standards of today. 

The Searchers Is One of The Greatest American Movies Of All Time

The Searchers is one of the Duke’s most beloved movies. The film, directed by John Ford, is listed among the top 100 list of greatest American movies of all time. Movie critic Roger Ebert said Wayne’s role as Ethan Edwards is one of “one of the most compelling characters Ford and Wayne ever created.”

The movie gives us a peek into what life was like in the days of the Wild West. But, today’s extremists want to sanitize history and entertainment to make it “welcoming.” The fact is that history isn’t always welcoming. 

Wayne portrays a veteran of the Confederacy who embarks on a journey to rescue his niece from the Comanches. While the film is one people watch repeatedly, social justice warriors want it scrubbed entirely.

Wayne’s estate is eager to set the record straight. The actor is under attack because of his conservative beliefs and the fact that he played characters that were tough and masculine. The skinny jeans-wearing men of today find this offensive. 

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Navajos Honored John Wayne As “The Man With The Big Eagle”

John Wayne’s estate shared a remarkable story on his official Twitter account recently. The tweet shared that while filming The Searchers, Wayne had his personal plane and pilot take a girl to the hospital. As a token of thanks, the Navajos nicknamed Wayne “The Man With The Big Eagle.” 

Tearing Down The Duke’s Legacy

This heartwarming story didn’t sit well with those who are looking to tear down the Duke’s legacy. They sprang into action to condemn this story and continue painting Wayne as a racist. 

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Nate Ruegger tweeted this in response:

Kane Foxx replied that this kind gesture meant nothing as Wayne was only “doing the bare minimum of human decency.”

Other cancel culture warriors doubt the story entirely because they’ve never heard it before. Maybe it wasn’t something Wayne wanted to broadcast. We don’t have to know everything about everyone. Sometimes a kind act is just that, rather than something to boost a resume. 

You can watch a clip from “The Searchers” below. 

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