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FLASHBACK: John Wayne Predicts, And Slams, Today’s Liberals And Feminists

In an unearthed clip, John Wayne foretold modern liberalism with a prediction that 'crybabies' and 'bellyachers' would be America's downfall.

John Wayne was proud of the fact that he was an American. The Hollywood legend embraced his patriotic side, and often promoted the American way of life, instilling that value in the next generation. But in a 1974 interview, he predicted the problems today’s liberals would bring to our country.

John Wayne Talks Politics

Wayne told a left-leaning journalist that we need to be full Americans, not hyphenated Americans. Dividing Americans into groups creates bellyachers and whiners.

Wayne also believed feminists were ruining chivalry. This sort of politeness towards women is seen by today’s feminists as being demeaning, and a “tool of the patriarchy.” He sure got that prediction right too.

“Opening doors and tipping your hat to ladies is a probably a thing of the past,” Wayne said. “The forerunners of the women’s liberation of today have taken that feeling away from the average man.”

Wayne had enough of the victimhood mentality in 1974. Imagine what he would think of today’s constant whiners.

People should be responsible for their own lives, and mistakes. Hard times don’t discriminate. People of all colors and ethnicities have challenges in life.

“I don’t squawk and crybaby and say, I didn’t have to go without meals when I was 16 and 17 years old,” the Hollywood legend said. “I don’t think you should look back and whine and  bellyache or try to hold everyone else guilty for something you did.”

Watch this prophetic interview in the video below.

I sure wish John Wayne was alive to provide his take on the Resistance movement. He’d knock them down at the knees!

John Wayne Was A True Patriot

John Wayne was a legend back when it was common for Hollywood stars to be patriotic. In the video below, John Wayne and his fellow actors sing “God Bless America.”

You’d never see that many of today’s Hollywood A-Listers get together to sing a patriotic song like that.

Click here to watch John Wayne talk about how liberals don’t listen to your point of view.

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