Bianca Belair's Main Roster

Jimmy Havoc was one of many wrestling names accused of sexual assault. Therefore, AEW has decided to take action. Also, Bianca Belair seemed set for the main roster before some late changes.

Bianca Belair’s Main Roster Status

Typically, the next stop after NXT is RAW or SmackDown. For Bianca Belair, that moment seemed to happen at WrestleMania 36.

Following the Street Profits WrestleMania win, they were attacked after the match. That led to Belair heading down to even the odds.

After that, fans thought Belair joined the main roster and would be paired with the tag team. Although, on the Wrestling Observer Message Board, Dave Meltzer clarified her position.

“She was introduced,” said Meltzer. “Then, somebody decided on wacky skits she didn’t fit in.”

“So they didn’t put her on TV because she wasn’t in any program. Now it’s a new cycle and we’ll see.”

Lately, RAW Tag Team Champions the Street Profits have been working a program with the Viking Raiders. Basically, they have been taking part in various games like bowling and eating contests.

Meanwhile, we have not seen Belair on NXT in several months. Although, she can be spotted working the occasional Main Event match.

AEW Wrestler Sent To Rehab

The past 48 hours have seen several people come forward about being abused by pro wrestlers. It started with the hashtag #SpeakingOut and quickly spread.

Names from WWE, All Elite Wrestling (AEW), NXT UK and around the world have been accused. One of the names mentioned was AEW’s Jimmy Havoc.

On Twitter, a women named Rebecca Crow discussed her several year relationship with Havoc. She claimed that while dating, Havoc abused her physically and mentally.

Her side of the story can be seen below.

AEW’s Handling Of The Situation 


As for Havoc, he did not publicly comment. But, AEW sent out a statement.

They wished Havoc the best as he enters rehab for mental health issues and substance abuse problems.

Upon completion of rehab, AEW will re-evaluate what is the best direction for Havoc.

When AEW formed, Havoc was one of the first names signed. For the most part, he lacked a storyline, while trading wins and losses.

Although, he recently started teaming with Kip Sabin. They two went on an impressive winning steak, which led to a title match this past Wednesday.

On AEW Dynamite, the challengers lost to champions “Hangman” Adam Page & Kenny Omega. Now, Sabin will be without a partner for an undisclosed amount of time.

In short, everything revealed lately is shocking and disturbing. Thankfully, there are some brave people out there willing to speak up about injustice.