Mike Tyson's AEW Status

Mike Tyson’s AEW status could see the former heavyweight boxing champion return for a match against Chris Jericho. Also, Edge is not sure how long he will be out due his age and the severity of his injury.

Mike Tyson’s AEW Status

When the WWE was struggling against WCW, they decided to bring Mike Tyson in for WrestleMania. The appearance brought tons of attention to WWE’s Attitude Era and they eventually won the war against WCW.

So, when All Elite Wrestling (AEW) brought Tyson in, they were hoping for similar results. In two appearances, Tyson got the sports world talking about AEW.

The former heavyweight boxing champion first appeared to present Cody Rhodes the newly created TNT title at Double Or Nothing. He returned days later on AEW Dynamite, where he got into a confrontation with Chris Jericho.

While speaking with the New York Post, AEW President Tony Khan provided an update on Tyson’s status with the promotion.

 “I like Mike a lot,” said Khan. “Mike did a great job on Double of Nothing and I think there was a great amount of publicity and the show did very well.” 

“I have to attribute something to Mike’s presence there. I really think the world of Mike and I’d love to have Mike back if we could ever work it out.” 

“There’s a lot of great matches out there in the future. But, if we could ever put Mike and Chris together and do Tyson vs. Jericho, I think it would be great.”

Since Tyson and his crew got into a scuffle with Jericho’s Inner Circle, he is yet to return. If AEW can broker a deal with Tyson, it could bring in a wealth of new fans.

Meanwhile, Tyson has been teasing something for months. There is no word on his plan, but he has expressed interest in exhibition bouts opposite old foes.

Edge Unsure How Long He Will Be Out

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Edge overcame major surgery to his neck and returned to WWE during the Royal Rumble. In his third match, Edge tore his bicep and will now miss months of action.

While speaking with Ryan Droste of ComicBook, Edge revealed that he likely had the injury heading into Backlash. During reshooting, Edge made the injury worse.

As for a return date, Edge is not certain because of his age. He turns 47 years old in October and knows the dangers of returning too soon.

“I’ve always been happy with the fact that I rebound from injuries pretty quickly,” said Edge. “But, you know I’m also older now so I don’t know what that means.” 

“I’ve never had a surgery in my 40s so I don’t know how quick I recover anymore. I honestly don’t know. One thing I have learned is rather than rushing back I need to listen to my body.”

“I’m just going to listen to my body and truly listen to my body. Make sure I have self care, which I never really paid attention to before. Whether that entails yoga, cold plunges, saunas, whatever that is, I just need to do more of it, especially being 46 now.”

WWE was looking to end his feud with Randy Orton at SummerSlam. That idea has been scrapped.

At the moment, the belief is Orton will challenge Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship. The angle could see Orton win the title and when Edge returns, their feud would now involve a belt.

In summary, Edge caught a tough break. After a nine year absence, he was injured in only his third match back.

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