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Everyone likes ice cream, especially during the summer months. But a Seattle based ice cream shop chain that claims to be a welcoming and accepting place has told police officers NO ICE CREAM FOR YOU! 

Molly Moon’s Ice Cream In Seattle Bans Firearms – And, With Them, Police!

Molly Moon’s is a popular spot for a frosty treat. But, they don’t want on duty police officers there.

The Seattle ice cream shop not allowing firearms in their shops and that includes the police who are sworn to protect them.

“Police officers, Molly Moon’s is a gun free zone. Please do not come inside if you are wearing a firearm,” the sign reads.

A cop should not take leave of his firearm while on duty. So what if he wants to go get ice cream on a hot day? Their scheme is clear and it’s clearly designed to discriminate.

Liberals take a baker’s service refusal all the way to the Supreme Court. Yet they applaud this ice cream shop when they deny service to police. The hypocrisy is never ending! 

Police Under Attack And Banned From Ice Cream Shop

The police are under attack from people wanting to harm or kill them and people accusing them of being racist.

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Being denied ice cream takes this hatred to another level. In this toxic environment where so many left-wing agitators are taking aim at cops, disarming them would make them even more vulnerable.

But, that’s what this liberal owned ice cream shop wants. 

Imagine how police officers felt when they were greeted with the unwelcoming sign below when they went to enter Molly Moon’s for ice cream.

This ice cream is for woke people only!

Molly Moon’s Shop Near Seattle Protests

Molly Moon’s has a Capitol Hill shop right outside CHAZ, also knows as CHOP, where Black Lives Matter activists and Antifa took over a neighborhood and declared it an autonomous zone.

With the crimes that were committed in CHAZ, you would think a business would want police officers nearby for added protection.

But, Molly Moon’s sides with the anarchists and terrorists in CHOP. They voiced their support on social media!

Owner Molly Moon-Neitzel said the sign was posted because staff and other customers felt uncomfortable being near armed officers. They, of course, were in the area to secure the neighborhoods surrounding CHOP. 

“They were intimidating and causing some of my black and brown employees to feel unsafe,” Moon-Neitzel said. 

“I would say finish your shift, go home, take a shower, have dinner with your family, and please come to Molly Moon’s and get some ice cream,” she hypocritically continued. “Everyone is welcome.”

Washington FOP Responds To Cop Ice Cream Ban

Everyone except police officers on duty is what she means. 

Some in the community support Molly Moon’s statement. One customer, Carl Smith, heard about the sign and stopped by to give the owner a hug and spend $500. 

Smith said: “Anyone who comes to Molly Moon’s today, ice cream is on me. I just really support what she’s doing”

But, not if you’re an armed police office.

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Washington State Fraternal Order of Police sent Moon-Neitzel a letter discussing her anti-police policy. Along with sharing the letter on Facebook, The WAFOP wrote: 

“The WAFOP has reached out to Molly Moon’s Ice Cream regarding the sign outside their Capitol Hill location informing police that they aren’t allowed inside with their firearms.

We are more than willing to have a conversation with owner Molly Moon Neitzel to discuss her stance on police reform and how we can help be a part of the solution.


Mike Solan, president of the Seattle Police Officers Guild said:

“I would ask Molly Moon’s, what have they done to engage community at the level that cops have done and continue to do? What they’re doing is dividing us more than uniting us.”

It’s a sad statement about our world when the FOP has to issue a letter about police officers being turned away at an ice cream shop. Dessert should never be hostile or political.

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