Black Lives Matter protesters harassing Grace Baptist Church NY

Black Lives Matters protesters have been threatening and harassing attendees of Grace Baptist Church as they enter the building for the past few weeks. Video footage shows no on is safe from harassment – no matter age or race. There is also video of these leftwing BLM agitators entering the sanctuary to disrupt church services. 

BLM Protesters Harass Grace Baptist Church

People attending services at Grace Baptist Church in Troy, New York have to walk past Black Lives Matter protesters who shout in their faces using bullhorns.

That includes families with small children in tow. Families were even threatened with calls to Child Protective Services for taking their children to church.

People of all ages and races were were shamed and threatened for attending Christian services. This is outrageous! 

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Their protesting captured on video is not about race. This is about control and intimidation.

The Black Lives Matter activists also targeted Black people, and even Black children, as they entered the Troy, New York church. A megaphone was used to intimidate people.

Male members of the church attempted to form a human barricade to shield families from the hate-fueled agitators. 

We have come to the point where people have to be escorted into church as protesters threaten and harass children.

This is America. Could this leftwing discrimination against these churchgoers be more hypocritical?

What’s worse, these protests at Grace Baptist Church have been ongoing. 

Why Grace Baptist?

What appears to be provoking the protesters is that, although the pastor spoke out against the killing of George Floyd, he also condemned the riots that happened in response.

Rev. John Koletas called the rioters “a bunch of savages who have let their sins run rampant.”

The Times Union reported on Sunday’s protest at Grace Baptist stating: 

Later on in the protest a Troy police officer, who stood near the church steps, advised a congregant to not come out and antagonize the protesters by smiling and pointing at them, to which the congregant replied to the officer, “they’re the ones who hate you.” A protester shouted back, “we don’t hate him.” Another protester can then be heard off camera making a threat on the church saying, “your church is going up in flames tonight.”

Rev. Koletas is no stranger to death threats. The church supports gun rights and has given away rifles. It has a history of giving away rifles. This has invited death threats from gun control advocates. 

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BLM Protesters Storm The Church

On Sunday, the protesters stormed into the church where they attempted to disrupt the service and further agitate and harass these people of faith.

These Black Lives Matter agitators aren’t hitting pause during the coronavirus pandemic. They are going full force ahead with targeting these churchgoers.

If you want to attend Grace Baptist Church, you are likely to need police to help you enter as the video below shows.

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