Willie Nelson’s Music Video About Cowboys Will Have You Longing For The Days Of John Wayne

Willie Nelson's latest music video breathes new life into his country music classic trio with Kris Kristofferson and Waylon Jennings, "We Are The Cowboys".

Country music icon Willie Nelson isn’t letting the pandemic stop him from entertaining. While he might not be able to perform live in person, he is still releasing new music and it’s just what we would expect from him – terrific! His most recent release, “We Are The Cowboys”, is everything a Willie fan could want. It brings a new twist on an older Nelson song and leaves us longing for the days of John Wayne!

New Spin On A Classic Willie Nelson Song

Shotgun Willie has been a staple on the country music scene for generations. The 87-year-old legend continues churning out music and his new recordings still are top shelf caliber.

In 1994, Willie released “We Are The Cowboys” with Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson, and Billy Joe Shaver.

Now, in this 2020 respin, Willie slows it down to a ballad, giving it a classic country feel. Singing the song solo also gives it a new stamp from the original. 

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This song recognizes the importance of cowboys and how anyone can be one. Many men and boys dream of the rugged lifestyle and charm of being a cowboy. Everyone wanted to grow up and be John Wayne.

That’s a unifying theme that we can all related to in these tumultuous times. 

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The lyrics portray the true lifestyle of a cowboy, making it simple and realistic for fans to jump into the country headspace. “We Are the Cowboys” is also a strong unification of country music fans across the country. It recognizes people who are actually cowboys living the lifestyle, but it also makes anyone who feels like a cowboy belong. Some of the most famous lyrics of the song are: “Cowboys are average American people // Texicans, Mexicans, Black men and Jews // They love this old world, and they don’t want to lose it // They’re counting on me, and they’re counting on you.”

Country Music Video Shot At Willie’s Luck Ranch

The video for this song is special. It was filmed at Willie’s Nelson’s Luck Ranch in Austin, Texas.

This makes sense as Willie is hanging out there during the pandemic but it also makes the video and song that much more personal. Adding an even more familiar touch is the fact that Willie’s son filmed it.

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The video portrays cowboy life and takes us back to the days when John Wayne was the premier cowboy figure in Hollywood.

This is a special music video that country fans will want to watch! You can see it below. 

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