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Country legend Willie Nelson has entertained us for decades. The consummate entertainer’s iconic voice can really stir our souls and conjure up some great memories. He’s an authentic country music artist unlike many popular headliners today. Thankfully for Willie Nelson fans, his son Lukas sounds just like him. Son Lukas really shows off his chops on his dad’s hit “You Were Always On My Mind”.

Music is a family affair for the Nelsons. Of course 31-year-old Lukas grew up hearing and singing his father’s songs. It’s a natural thing when your parent is a musician. Music runs in your blood.

Lukas Nelson Nails Willie’s Famous Hit

While Lukas Nelson has his own unique voice, he can at times sound just like Willie proving that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

Lots of people have covered Willie Nelson’s rendition of “You Were Always On My Mind,” but nobody comes as close to doing it justice as Willie’s son Lukas.

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In the video below, Lukas completely nails his dad’s legendary song, “You Were Always On My Mind” during an impromptu jam session on a cruise.

The crowd was astounded at how much he sounds like his father. Close your eyes while listening to the video. You’ll imagine Willie is actually singing. A special treat for any hardcore Willie Nelson fans!

Lukas Nelson And The Promise Of The Real

While he has a striking resemblance to 86-year-old Willie, the young singer doesn’t hang off dad’s coattails. He has his own brand that differs from his legendary father.

Lukas headlines the American Rock Band “Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real.” While Lukas is not as well known as his father, his fanbase is growing rapidly. Currently, the band has over a quarter of a million likes on their Facebook page.

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Father and Son Sing Together

Lukas and Willie Nelson have also teamed up on some songs. When music runs in through your family tree it’s important to work together. This father and son duo pair up perfectly when they collaborate. These are times Lukas will always cherish.

Their video for “Just Breathe” can be watched below.

It’s an emotional song and a terrific match for these two. It discusses mortality and how life continues to goes on. This has a special meaning given Willie’s age. “Love you till I die, meet you on the other side,” is how Willie ends the emotional song.

Grab your Kleenex before you watch because it’s a real tear jerker.

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