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Brady Snakovsky is the kind of kid who gives you hope for the future. The young Ohio boy saw a Police K-9 who wasn’t wearing a bulletproof vest. That spurred him to start raising money for police dogs. To date, he has raised funds and vested over 200 K-9s. 

Many law enforcement agencies don’t have funding for ballistic vests for their K-9s. This puts the dogs at risk. The dogs often go into risky situations first and without these vests, they go in completely exposed. Brady knew that wasn’t right. He was only 8 years old at the time but he was about to do big things. 

Fundraising For K-9s

Brady started a GoFundMe that got noticed quickly. In addition to that, the Strongsville boy sold candy bars at athletic and other events to raise money quickly for these dogs who protect the community. 

In 2018, Brady’s K-9 Fund kicked off with the mission to “donate practical, mission-ready vests to as many police K-9s as possible.” He hit the ground running and has made a big difference to dogs and their communities throughout the country. 

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Sometimes, the youngest among us can make a huge difference. That’s exactly what Brady did. While he initially began this crusade when he noticed one dog in need, soon he had raised enough money to get vests for all of the K-9s with the Ohio State Patrol.

But, he didn’t stop there. Brady continued fundraising. After he took care of Ohio K-9s, this youngster looked to help in other states. Police dogs throughout our country need these vests and Brady wanted to do as much as possible for them. 

Bulletproof Vests For Over 200 K-9s

Brady has done so much for these dogs that he was named the ASPCA’s Kid of the Year in 2019. To date, he has vested over 200 dogs! That’s a huge accomplishment in just two years, let alone for a ten year old!

This kid is likely to make a big impact as he becomes and adult. He’s proven that he has tremendous leadership skills and cares tremendously for others. 

These dogs are left vulnerable in risky situations. If it wasn’t for Brady’s concern, they likely would continue being dangerously exposed without bulletproof vests. 

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At this time when so many of us wonder what will become of our country since so many young people don’t have the same work ethic we were raised with, Brady has stepped up to plate to give us some hope. 

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