Gary Sinise helps K-9 heroes through Veterinarians For Valor

Gary Sinise continues to be one of the most relentless advocates for America’s veterans. The Gary Sinise Foundation goes to great lengths to help our warriors. Now, the well-respected actor is expanding his focus on those who serve by including military and safety services dogs. The Forest Gump star launched a new program that specifically benefits our brave and hard-working k-9 heroes.

Sinise Launches “Veterinarians For Valor”

Sinise recognizes how invaluable working dogs are to our warriors and those who serve on the front lines of our local communities.

On Veterans Day, he announced the launch of Veterinarians for Valor to raise money to care for these four-legged heroes.

The Gary Sinise Foundation has partnered with Texas A&M University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences to provide medical care and support for service dogs as well as police K-9s that help our first responders, veterans, and members of the military.

It is terrific to see Sinise use his celebrity and veteran activist platform to bring much needed attention to these dogs who sometimes get overlooked when they need medical care. Donations can be made through the Gary Sinise Foundation website.

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K-9 Heroes

This isn’t Sinise’s first time helping our K-9 heroes.

He previously spotlighted how deployed military dogs were left abroad after their services were no longer needed or their accompanying troops came home. These dogs are heroes who have saved the lives of countless Americans. They should not be abandoned.

As Sinise explains in the video below, they deserve to retire at home in the United States alongside their handlers who served with them.

Sinise Honors Conan 

Earlier this month, after Special Operations military working dog Conan was injured during the raid that killed ISIS leader and terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Gary Sinise Foundation posted praise for Conan and her fellow military dogs.

The Instagram post below reads:

Despite advancements in military technology, dogs have consistently maintained a crucial role in the military. Just last week, we saw another example of how this partnership is vital to military success. While conducting a raid in northern Syria, U.S. Special Forces were able to track down ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi with the help of a Belgian Malinois named Conan. During the raid, Conan was a key member in taking out the ISIS leader. Conan has worked with the special operations forces for four years and has participated in 50 missions. In gratitude for her service, Conan has been extended an invitation to be honored for her service at the White House this week. On #TuesdayNewsday, we recognize Conan and U.S. military dogs for the essential part they play, as military working dogs they have been employed to sniff out explosives and drugs, detect enemy forces, perform search and rescue, and provide therapeutic relief.

Gary Sinise has been an advocate for our veterans for over a quarter of a century. Now, he is expanding that further to include more of the dogs who protect and serve alongside them.

God bless Gary Sinise and all the brave souls who protect and serve this great country at home and abroad.

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